January 23, 2009

Hunger Games Sequel

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CF_130UPDATE: 9/1 Catching Fire is now available for sale, but you can take a sneak peak at the first two chapters here.

From Publishers Weekly comes the first news about the next Hunger Games book (for ages 12 and up)! I can’t wait!

We still have no details about the book itself, other than the cover and the title, but that was plenty to get Jessica and me speculating about what will happen! Even though we work at Scholastic, we are not among the lucky people who get to read the manuscript, so we are left guessing like everyone else.

But the title gives some good clues to work with, doesn’t it? We have lots of ideas:

1) “Fire” could represent Katniss, as in the “girl on fire,” and she does something to anger the Capitol so they are trying to catch her. Maybe she refuses to be a coach in the next Hunger Games and runs away or something.

2) Or maybe it is Gale and Peeta who are trying to catch her and win her love. Maybe we will find out who Katniss is really in love with.

3) Or maybe there is a grassroots revolution against the Capitol and it is starting catch on in a big way — spreading like wildfire, so to speak.

4) Or maybe the arena for the next Hunger Games has a volcano in it, or the tributes have to fight fire in some way to survive. Kind of a twisted homage to Katniss, last year’s winner.

5) Or President Snow has a secret assassination plot against Katniss involving fire. He will make it look like an accident if her house catches fire or something.

6) Or maybe one of the tributes this time will have a superpower ability to start fires. She scores off the charts at training and all the other tributes try to catch her.

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What do you think is going to happen in the Hunger Games sequel? Add a comment with your ideas that we missed.

— Sonja, Scholastic.com Editor

  1. Tosha

    OMG i love this book!
    It is very well written in the sence that it wasn’t a drop from the first one and it still captured my attention,Devoured this book in one sitting:]

  2. Jacy

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THH HUNGER GAMES (young adult)!! I nearly dropped the book when I read ‘END OF NOOK 1′. I think the sequal might be about Katniss and Peeta and Gale err something like that. It DID say at the end of the book how she was ‘dreading the time she would have to let go’ of Peeta’s hand. Ooohhh, I can’t wait!!

  3. Chesa

    I just finished “Catching Fire” (young adult) and I have to sy IT WAS FANTASTIC! I loved it and i can’t wait for the NEXT book. Does any1 know when the 3rd books coming out? Post it if u do! I also garuntee that if u loved the hunger games your going to fall DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH CATCHING FIRE! I think Katniss really falls in love with Peeta.

  4. lexi

    It comes out on Sept. 1st!! I am pumped!! :D So excited!! At first I loved Gale…but then peeta blew me away. Everything he did was for kattniss and his love was never part of the game…..he really did love her. In the begining Gale said something like “and don’t forget I..” and didn’t get to finish. Did he loose his chance? Ik..these guys are not going down without a fight!! :D And the capitol isnt going to help

  5. Rachel

    This book is absolutely ah-mazing! I cannot wait until the next book comes out! I hope its just as good as the first! Suzanne Collins is an amazing writer. I even love the Overlander series that she wrote. Truely spectaculr!

  6. Bell

    OMG! The first book was AMAZING! i almost died when i heard i had to wait so long for its sequel.But wait i must.I honestly don’t think the love triangle is as intense as other books I’ve read, like the blue bloods (young adult), house of night (young adult), vampire academy (young adult) and especially the Twilight series (young adult), (those r some of the best i’ve read in a while) but it’s still captivating and makes you yearn for more.So i’ll endure the next month or so patiently…Yeah right.I’m counting down hours!!!!!

  7. Kelsey

    Some authors keep the same main characters through the series of books, and some series star new characters from book to book. But it seems to me that in this one, Katniss will remain the main character. I don’t think that it will be about new tributes fighting fire, I think it will be about Katniss setting the foundation for a rebellion, and the government fighting her. The mockingjay pin was Katniss’s symbol throughout the first book of home, and all that she was fighting to survive for: to save her family from starvation, to bring money and goods to her colony. And the way the book left off, I don’t think Katniss’s story is anywhere near finish in this series.
    However, I could be wrong. She may have been pushed to the backburner, or been made a side main character. The pin may have been adopted as a symbol for the rebels who attempt to take on the government as well, to show that the goverment is not absolutely all- powerful. And Catching Fire may very well mean that her show of rebellion has ignited the independence of the outer colonies.
    Either way, it’s a fantastic story that Suzanne Collins has developed. I’ve been constantly checking to see when the update comes out since the first one did.

  8. Zanelover

    The first book I finished in 4 hours and 40min. This is going to be so good. I just laughed because Peeta’s father is a backer and named him peeta! (pita bread pronounced peeta bread) LOL I am going to die until september for his book!

  9. Sile

    If september 8th is when its coming out, then what will that be in Ireland and the UK? I absolutely loved the hunger games! Catching Fire is definitely going to be about Katniss. How could it not after that ending? I’m not gonna try figure out the rest, I just wanna read the book!

  10. Aria

    according to the barnes and nobles website it gets realeased 9-1-09 i am so excited!

  11. Alainna

    I love this book, and now my mom is reading it. My friend is going to be jumping off the walls, and I’ll be doing it too!

  12. Cassidy

    SO I think what will happen is someones trying to kill her outside of the game (the lines around the bird look like the lines used in sinper movies and so that might mean something could be her name is drawn again wouldn’t that be something if the girl on fire makes a return

  13. Brock

    Oh I’m so excited for this book I’ve already have gone through the Hunger Games 5 times trying to find out what is going to happen next.
    From Ohio

  14. Emilie

    oh my gosh i read the first one today because i was given it by a friend and now i cant wait for the second to come out, and i read most books in a day this one thow i only put down when my teacher took it away so i would do my work but my head was in it the second i had it back and i thing it will be in my mind for a while longer.I CANT WAIT ARRRG(happy arrrg’s)

  15. Amanda

    i loved the hunger games very muvh. i’ve read way too many books, and it’s one of my favorites. i can’t wait for this one to come out. even my english tacher is excited!it rocked my socks off!

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