January 29, 2009

Book Review: Gods of Manhattan

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Gods of Manhattan by Scott Mebus, a book review by Carly M.
In the city that never sleeps (otherwise known as New York City), onlookers and residents probably see everything, from everyday normal occurrences to the most unusual and abnormal happenings, right? While this might be the case, in the suspenseful and illuminating book Gods of Manhattan by Scott Mebus, the island of New York City, which some consider the most fascinating and exciting city in the world, is just a hectic place in which people are too busy and occupied to notice what’s really out there. They fail to see the other world within their own reality . . .

In Gods of Manhattan, Rory Hennessey holds that unique ability and special skill, the talent and gift to see the other world within the island of Manhattan, a world called Manhatta. In this concealed world lie deceased well-known and famous New York figures, former historical New York landmarks, ancient inhabitants, and magical forces. When a mysterious evil power disrupts the world of Manhatta, it is up to Rory and his sister to find the source and stop it from destroying the world which supports the existence of the present-day New York City.

In the midst of their journeys and voyages throughout both the current and dated city of New York, Rory and his sister — along with the readers — are introduced to an array of interesting characters, some of which include: talking cockroaches who ride sewer rats, former New York City rogues, legendary departed New Yorkers, ancient Native Americans, renowned city statues, and many more.

So if you like history, adventure, fantasy, mystery, magic, or thrilling climaxes, then this is the book for you!

And although I am not a huge fan of the fantasy and magic genres, I really liked this book for its historical and real-life references, intriguing adventures, and unraveling mysteries. Unfortunately, the author, Scott Mebus, leaves the reader wondering what will ultimately happen to the world of Manhatta, but luckily there is a sequel in the works.

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Rachel

    Maybe I’m biased because I’m related to the author. but I found the book pretty good. The beginning does feel a bit like PATO, but as it gets along it really doesn’t.

  2. Kate

    It seems cool. To me the title sounds like a good one for Percy Jackson and the Olympians (I don’t care if I didn’t spell it right!)

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