January 23, 2009

Peter Lerangis

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Peterlerangis_130Seems like just yesterday that everyone here at The STACKS was getting really excited about the launch of the first 39 Clues book, and now we’re only about a month away from the release of The Sword Thief (Book 3). Early reports indicate that it’s just as good as the first two. The blend of action, adventure, history, and humor is still there, so I tho39clues3ught this would be a good opportunity to introduce you to its author: none other than Mr. Peter Lerangis.

Peter has written more than 150 books in a wide variety of genres. A small sampling: SmilersboneSmiler’s Bones, the Drama Club series, the Spy X series, the Watchers series, the Abracadabra series, the Antarctica series, and novelizations of movies like The Sixth Sense and Beauty and the Beast. He went to Harvard, where he graduated with a degree in Nuclear Rocket Brain Surgery or something insane like that. And he spent eight years in New York working in musical theater before turning to writing. We are looking at a man with way too much talent for one person to have. He also sang a cappella
at Harvard in the Krokodiloes.

SpyxI’m really wondering where he gets the brainpower to do all that stuff and write novels on top of it. But I guess that’s the kind of guy you want writing your books, right? I have a feeling that we 39 Clues fans are in good hands. Can’t wait to find out the identity of the mysterious warrior Dan and Amy are tracking . . .

Till next time, Splotters!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

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  1. Degrasii411

    thease are really good books and they keep things intresting with the clues that they give you and the misterys that are in this great book!!!

  2. madicecream1234

    the 39clues is very, very, very AWESOME! Even though the author is”older” hes had exspearance. HE has been writing children and adult books for at least 30 years!check out the videos!