November 26, 2008

Twilight, Breaking Records

GroupshotOver the weekend, two STACKS bloggers braved the vampire-iffic crowds to catch the most buzzed-about movie of the season, Twilight. Here, Morgan and Carly M. share their thoughts — sometimes opposing! — on the movie. Read their opinions, and contribute your own!

Morgan’s reaction:
Movies are a strange business. These days, a movie needs to have a huge opening and enough buzz to keep people coming (or coming back) for weeks after it premieres. When I sat down in a theater late on Sunday afternoon to watch Twilight, I soon realized that it would certainly surpass my expectations!

First of all, the movie broke records on Friday night alone, taking in a massive $35.7 million dollars just on that first night! That means it’s the 14th best one-night opener in history. Overall, its weekend take topped $70 million. It’s also the highest opening weekend ever for a movie made by a female director. Translation: hopefully, more pictures by female directors will get made. Any budding screenwriters or directors out there?

In my theater on Sunday, I saw families, teenagers, older couples, big groups of friends, little boys — every type of demographic you could imagine. I ended up sitting behind a group of teens — one of them wearing a “Team Edward” T-shirt! — and it was fun watching their
reactions to the movie. But you know what? I found the movie so engrossing myself, that I stopped paying attention to the audience halfway through. So, here’s what I remember:

  • The first on-screen Edward appearance: The audience gasped. I did too — because at first, I thought the makeup made him look a little clown-ish. But after a few minutes, I got used to it, and it worked. I am Team Robert/Edward.
  • The Cullens: Seriously, I could not get enough of them. I LOVE Alice, I think they were all captured really nicely, their house was nothing like I pictured it but it somehow still worked, and I
    would like to see an entire movie just of them.
  • The scenery: How beautiful was the landscape? Made me want to move to Forks. Or, you know, wherever they shot the movie.
  • Victoria: perfect casting, and the ending shot of her set up the next movie perfectly.
  • Bella’s high school friends: totally realistic, funny, endearing, and true to the book. I liked Bella’s interactions with them.
  • Bella herself: With apologies to all you Bella fans out there, Bella as a character drives me crazy. Kristen Stewart, whom I normally like as an actress, drove me crazy in the movie. Which means . . . she did an excellent job!

It’s just been announced that production for the movie based on Book 2, New Moon, will now go ahead. So all of you who saw the movie this weekend, give yourselves a pat on the back for being responsible for getting the next movie made!

EdbellaCarly M.’s reaction:
Though the movie ran true to the book — taking into account every detail, character, scene, etc. — for me, the movie was somewhat disappointing. As much as I loved that the location/set designs, wardrobes, and character similarities were right on point, there were some scenes which struck me as being, well, dare I say . . . off.

Here are a couple parts I found particularly awkward:

  • When Bella enters chemistry class for the first time, she and Edward are supposed to make eye contact as he shuns her off. I don’t know if it was the overly intense music or the bizarre and unnatural looks on both Edward and Bella’s faces (they both looked like
    they were trying way too hard to make those expressions), but at that moment the entire audience broke out into laughter. I could be wrong, but I really don’t think the director wanted this scene to be comedic.
  • When Bella confronts Edward about his being a vampire, I felt that their exchanges were somewhat disorganized and awkward. Edward jumps around from place to place, and Bella just tries to follow him. I still can’t decide if it was the acting or the camera angles that made me feel uneasy about this scene.
  • Other aspects I wish they would have revisited are Jasper’s character (was he really supposed to look possessed?), Bella’s interaction with the Cullen family (I thought she was supposed to join their lunch table?) and the vampire’s ability to glow in the sunlight (it looked too much like Edward was just dipped in a bath of glitter).

However, if you’re a huge fan of the series, I would definitely recommend you see the movie — if only to compare your own thoughts to the book.

So, readers — what did YOU think?

— Morgan and Carly M.

All photos Courtesy Summit Entertainment, LLC.

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  1. luvmusic305

    i really need to go to Barnes and Nobles because i want to read twilight.i saw the movie and it was really good.Edward is H-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Twilightreader

    Where is blood typing and she is just supost to guess. She should be out most to fight seen and Jacods suppose to work on his Rabbit car!

  3. Bethebear

    I didn’t like this movie very much, because it didn’t compare with the book at all. Bella was disoriented and the details seemed off. I would recommend fellow Twilight fans seeing it, because they should see what they think. Some of my friends who read the book loved the movie. It’s all perspective.