November 28, 2008

Book Games I’m Thankful For

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Now, I know THE STACKS is chock full of fab games that let you experience your favorite books in a shiny, new way. You’ve probably already got your favorites, and I’d love to know what those are.

But there are SO MANY GAMES, it’s possible you’ve missed one or two. So, in the spirit of giving and being thankful and all that stuff, here are my top five book games on THE STACKS:


Holes: Treasure Hunt
Don’t expect to make it all the way through on your first try. There’s a lot to this game and it’s worth the effort. Definitely don’t forget audio — Madame Zeroni is hilarious!


Inkheart: Quiz
What qualities fit your outlook today? Watch your true character morph and emerge as you answer personality questions.


Chasing Vermeer: Pattern Puzzles
Follow this funky puzzle to reveal a secret message from the characters. Play it again; it won’t be the same.


A Dog’s Life: Bone Travels On
Ever read a great story and then wonder, what if? Try this “choose your own adventure” trail and see where you’d be if you were Bone the dog.


Charlotte’s Web: Make Your Own Comics
How cool! Drag in adorable Wilbur — and don’t forget Charlotte! Add settings right from the movie. Pull in speech bubbles and print out your own comic. Most creative alternative to a holiday card, maybe?

That’s my five. Give them a try! Then tell me your top five book games. I’m ready to play.

— Amy, Editor

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