October 11, 2008

Perfect Hunger Games Movie Cast

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Hungergames The minute I opened The Hunger Games (for ages 12 and up), I started seeing the story in my head. Suzanne Collins uses very evocative language, and a lot of her scenes are structured like movies. Between that and the plot — which practically begs to be turned into a big feature film — I think it’s not too early to start thinking about who should play whom in the movie. Here are my picks:

Katniss Everdeen – Ellen Page
You know Ellen from Juno (rated PG-13), in which she proved her acting chops and demonstrated that she definitely has enough personality to take on Katniss’s strong character.

Peeta Mellark – Benjamin McKenzie
We haven’t seen much of Ben since The OC ended, but he’s perfect for this role. He somehow still looks like a teenager, he’s got the quiet brooding act down pat, and he’s built enough to work as the strong baker’s son.

Haymitch Abernathy – Philip Seymour Hoffman
I’m a little biased here, since PSH is one of my all-time favorite actors, but I do think he’s an objectively great choice. Haymitch is a pretty complicated character, requiring an actor who’s up to the challenge. Plus, he looks the part (at least as I pictured Haymitch).

Effie Trinket – Amy Poehler
This probably isn’t fair to Amy since she’s a hilarious comedian and probably a really nice person. But when I think of Effie, I think loud, obnoxious, overly chipper, and Ms. Poehler has played a bunch of characters just like that. For example, in Mean Girls (rated PG-13), and the voice of a Chipette in Alvin and the Chipmunks (rated PG). Sorry, Amy!

Cinna – Colin Farrell
I have no good justification for this one except that Cinna is awesome and so is Colin Farrell.

What do you think? How’d I do casting the inevitable Hunger Games movie? Let me know your picks in the comments!

— Jack, STACKS Intern

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  1. Marie

    Hey, I know who you mean, cara (comment #67)! Yeah I reckon, Gloria would be perfect. She has the eyes of the girl on the cover. You’d just have to straighten her hair. I agree with Abigail Breslin as Prim.

  2. Marissa

    I think we should have brand knew, fresh to big screen fame people. I want to see rookies on screen, maby some people who havnt been on screen before but not all cast though.

  3. Tess

    Oh My Gosh! I think that everybody in this except Amy looks the wrong age! I think of The characters as people in mi life, which doesnt help much, but i think Haymitch is more of a Jack Sparrow, and gale more of a Will Turner

  4. Rose.

    but how can anyone possibly portray the identity of katniss? shes so individual, i would be very surprised if theres anyone in the world like her. and of course, girls are gonna be pulling each others hair out for the role of katniss. shoudnt we just… leave the books alone? here we are debating, and saying how we dont want to change hunger games, but what with all these suggestions, thats exactly what we are doing. i think the author should cast it herself if there is a movie, i mean after all, she is the one who had it all in her head in the first place. she knows katniss best, and when the auditions come round, shes gotta be there ajudicating, because she is the only one who can find the real katniss.

  5. harriet

    yeah, you lot are all pretty much right, but i think ellen page looks too old to be Katniss, i think the actress should still have a look of being naive about her. I agree totally with your choice for johnny depp, he would be perfect for the role! But to be honest, i think unknown actors would be the best choice, and i expect there is someone out there who is perfect for the role of Katniss, i think it would spoil the whole movie if they put the glitz and glamour of hollywood in the hunger games. just think : hollywood + hunger games = a complete disaster. can you imagine how it would ruin the mood and suspense of hunger games? i loved the book, its amazing!when are the auditions? haha, bring on the unknowns!!

  6. clare

    i dunno about kristen stewart for katniss. i can’t put my finger on it, but she’s just not what i imagined. neither is skandar for gale. i think rosamund pike should be effie

  7. cara

    I have this friend who i see as Katniss. She’s so gorgeous, but would never admit it. Her name’s Gloria and she just looks so right. She’s also a really good actor and is fiery, like Kat.

  8. Sammy

    I disagree with a couple of these choices. I think Ellen Page has too much of a soft look, and Katniss needs to be more hardcore. For Effie, I would have chosen someone more…stoutly? (Rosie O’Donnell?) However, I agree about the rest. For Gale, I would choose Avan Jogia, maybe.

  9. Hannah

    i think your casting opnions were very nice. but as for Ellen Page, if she was to play katniss, she would have to have much longer hair and be a couple years older. Ellen still looks like a twelve year old. there are still many other options out there for her. I wasnt really feeling the choice for peeta. it seams like Ben would not be such a great actor in a action flim such as this. Philip Seymour Hoffman seams a little to old to play Haymitch. Haymitch is in his late forties. not early 60′s here. haha. Amy would be and exelant choice for Effie. put a pink wig and preppy prefesional outfit on her and that will be just fine and dandy! I absolutly completly 100% agree with your choice for Cinna. Colin would be PEERRRRRFEEEECTTTTT!!!! thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us:) i really enjoyed reading them:)

  10. Ty

    Ben Barnes would be the perfect Gale. NO KRISTEN STWEART or CAMILLA BELLE for Katniss. Hunger Games and Twilight are completely different

  11. Ty

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman would be perfect for Haymitch, like wise with Benjamin McKenzie. I think Katniss needs to be played by an unknown. Ellen Page is an amazing actress, but she’s not the hunter you envision in the book. I think Cato should be played by Daniel Cudmore (X-Men;New Moon).

  12. Sarah

    Okay you guys, as I read the book I had the movie played out in my head. I do agree with people that the kids should be new actorss and the adults could be new or well known, but I SO do not agree with MOST of what you guys are casting these people as!
    Ellen Page is to sweet and old, Benjamin is way to old for Peeta as well, Collin Farell just doesn’t have the right look for Cinna in my opinion. I could see Effie as Amy, and I could see Philip as Haymitch. Those are really the only two I could see that works.
    In my opinion, Abigail Breslin would be great as Prim (she is the only girl that I would be fine with her being well-known), Kevin Zegers as Gale (although he’s a bit old but could pass), and Zooey Deschanel as Portia.
    Most of all, I hate the casting of Katniss and Peeta. They are just so NOT RIGHT!!!! It bothers me. Sorry if I’m being mean, but I am very strict about this!!!! Take my castings as a suggesion for some of the other people. Abigail and Kevin came from someone else by the way, not me, I’m just agreeing with them. Zooey came from me though.

  13. i am hunger

    Dude, they totally need a unknown to play katniss, just because she’s so hard edge and so strong, both mentally and physically, and even if u do look like the character, you have to have the chops to play them, if you know what i mean. I have auditioned for a few movies for some hardcore people (i.e. Stephanie Edgley, Skulduggery Pleasant) and its really hard to put on that hard, dark sort of feeling and also give an edge of innocence. I didn’t make it, but if there is a movie coming out, you’ll be sure I’ll be there auditioning for katniss.

  14. Aria

    I loved that book! The casting is good but I pictured Peeta differently. Ellen Page is a wonderful actress too. Haymitch and Effie are perfect! Gale ia one of my favorites any Ideas for him? The movie should be great unless they ruin it likr they did Twilight. Hopefullly it will be much better the book was I know.

  15. Randy

    ok ive summed it up and here’s what i think
    Katniss-Ellen Page
    Prim-Abigail Breslin
    everdeen mom-Saffron Burrows
    Peeta-Benjamin McKenzie
    Effie-Amy Poehler
    Haymitch-Johnny Depp
    Cinna-Kevin Zegers
    madge-Amy adams
    President snow-James Whitmore
    avox girl-Jamie Hogue
    cato-sebastian stan
    rue-Ashlyn Sanchez
    any others

  16. Phoenix

    I agree with Noora: Comment #24, but i would still watch the movie just because it was a great book, even if the casting is bad.

  17. mari

    Don’t you think Haley Williams would be a good Katniss? idk my but i always imagined her (minus the orange hair) and i don’t like the suggestion of Ellen Paige. but i really like the idea of Johnny Depp for haymich. he would be amazing. & i agreemunknowns would be the best for the young ones

  18. linzy

    um no! ellen page has too much of a circular face and she just doesnt go! i want to be katniss way bad!! lol

  19. Lirabelle

    The cast would need to be teenage actors. They can’t use people who are too grown up or the movie will seem like something like Twilight(which stinks in my opinion). I loved the book and I hope that Hollywood doesn’t totally screw it up like they do for most book-movies.

  20. Rachel

    So far I really like the ideas for the adults, but i think most of the kid choices have been chosen by actors who are too old i.e. Ben Mckenzie
    Coz most of them are 20+ but Katniss etc are only 15

  21. Victoria

    Deffenatly the girl from stick it 4 katniss cause she can act so serious without laughting. for rue or prim dakota fanning