October 11, 2008

Perfect Hunger Games Movie Cast

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Hungergames The minute I opened The Hunger Games (for ages 12 and up), I started seeing the story in my head. Suzanne Collins uses very evocative language, and a lot of her scenes are structured like movies. Between that and the plot — which practically begs to be turned into a big feature film — I think it’s not too early to start thinking about who should play whom in the movie. Here are my picks:

Katniss Everdeen – Ellen Page
You know Ellen from Juno (rated PG-13), in which she proved her acting chops and demonstrated that she definitely has enough personality to take on Katniss’s strong character.

Peeta Mellark – Benjamin McKenzie
We haven’t seen much of Ben since The OC ended, but he’s perfect for this role. He somehow still looks like a teenager, he’s got the quiet brooding act down pat, and he’s built enough to work as the strong baker’s son.

Haymitch Abernathy – Philip Seymour Hoffman
I’m a little biased here, since PSH is one of my all-time favorite actors, but I do think he’s an objectively great choice. Haymitch is a pretty complicated character, requiring an actor who’s up to the challenge. Plus, he looks the part (at least as I pictured Haymitch).

Effie Trinket – Amy Poehler
This probably isn’t fair to Amy since she’s a hilarious comedian and probably a really nice person. But when I think of Effie, I think loud, obnoxious, overly chipper, and Ms. Poehler has played a bunch of characters just like that. For example, in Mean Girls (rated PG-13), and the voice of a Chipette in Alvin and the Chipmunks (rated PG). Sorry, Amy!

Cinna – Colin Farrell
I have no good justification for this one except that Cinna is awesome and so is Colin Farrell.

What do you think? How’d I do casting the inevitable Hunger Games movie? Let me know your picks in the comments!

— Jack, STACKS Intern

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  1. mads

    Ceasar: Dustin Hoffman
    Prim: Ariel Winter
    Glimmer: Molly Quinn
    Cato: Jeremy Sumpter
    Clove: Dakota Fanning
    Peeta: Alex Pettyfer, Jeremy Sumpter
    Thresh: Taylor Lautner
    Haymitch: Hugh Laurie
    Katniss: Emily Browning, Kristin Stewart
    Cinna: Colin Farrel
    Effie: Julie Hagerty
    Foxface: Bonnie Wright
    i dont think older people are gonna do well in this movie i think from the ages 12-21 are as old as actors playing the tributes should be
    hehe (:im exited

  2. Kriss

    i think someone younger should play peeta and katniss. so that the actual ages ar used (katniss – 16) i really dont like benjamin as Peeta. I think of Peeta as very dark hair and more muscular on his arms, and extremely cut, not hot, cute. like the guy who lived down the street from you :] i really hope they dont make the movie rated R!

  3. Ally

    Hmm I’m excited for the movie!
    My choices would be :
    katniss : Camilla Belle/Kristen Stewart
    Peeta : Alexander Ludwig or Alex Pettyfer
    Haymitch : Jack Nicholson
    and that’s all i can think of (:

  4. Ezra

    i agree ellen looks too innocent shes not… raw enough to be katniss I really do hope this is turned into a movie though. Can someone tell me why everyone compares hunger games to twilight?

  5. Charlie

    I agree with all of them except Ellen Page as Katniss. I don’t Ellen can pull off the scared and fighting aspect of the book and movie. I was thinking maybe Kristen Stewart as Katniss. I know she’s a twilihgt actress but she’s shown she can be scared and loving and fighting and caring. So she would be good for this movie. And, NO! KEVIN JONAS WILL NOT RUIN THIS MOVIE!! HE CAN’T ACT!!

  6. Ali

    An unknown cast would be the only way to go about doing this as a movie. Once you start adding known faces into it it takes away from the depth of the book. Perhaps one or two of the tributes could be known actors/actresses but I think it’d be a perfect story line with unknown faces. It gives it the more of the future-esk that the book describes.

  7. ashley

    I think peeta should be -alex petyfer…look him up i think he’s perfect!!!
    and for some reason i see jack nickleson as haymitch..lol

  8. Sophie

    What about Kristen Stuart as Katniss?
    Alex Pettyfer as Peeta?
    The girl from Atonement and City of Ember (I don’t know her name but she is a great actress) as Foxface.
    Agree with whoever it was that said Gale should be Skander Keynes. Totally!

  9. Blackjack

    Here’s my casting
    Katniss-Camilla Belle
    Peeta-Kevin Zegers
    Haymitch- Johnny Depp
    Cinna- Orlando Bloom
    The President- Bill Nighy
    Primrose- Madison Pettis
    Mom- Lisa Edelstein
    Gale- Rollo Weeks
    Glimmer-Alexis Dziena
    Effie- Jennifer Morrison

  10. Adurey

    just for Katniss and Peeta. Me and this guy at my school. He reminds me of peeta and i call him that and he calls me Katniss, and we even look and act like the characters. I’m not braging or trying to get the part or anything but i don’t think famous kids should be in it like so many other movies. Like in the JONAS t.v. show they cast known actresses as the co-stars. they should have picked un-known girls to play opposite the jonas brothers like in the suite life on deck. Just saying, we get that they need jobs but just because thay have worked with disney before, doesn’t mean they can’t cast newcomers. I love the hunger games! please make it into a movie!

  11. Bailey

    I really love the choice for Peeta. Ben is so amazingly gorgeous.
    i was thinking of someone like Emily Browning for Katniss. But Emily seems a little too soft. But someone around her features would be on the spot.
    I really hope they make a movie. The movie would be amazing.

  12. anonomousss

    i think missy peregrym could do katniss very well but she is my second choice.
    my first choice issss….frieda pinto…i think she would play the part AMAZINGLY!
    i think simon baker would be great i know hws a little old but idk thats just who i pictured in my head but i think that for the movie maybe william mosely would be pretty good.
    hugh laurie would be excellent. no questions asked.
    i think that johnny depp would be good but idk hes a lil old. probably an unknown for this.
    julie hagerty would do this great. (the mom from shes the man)
    idk ive just been playing around with some of these charecters…tell me what you think!!!

  13. sara

    Here Is my idea of a casting list for the Hunger Games:
    Katniss-Anna Popplewell (she’s really good with a bow and arrow)
    Peeta- William Mosely
    Prim-Georgie Henly
    ( IK im doing a lot of narnia characters but i think they would do well with the part)
    Haymitch-Hugh Laurie(you have to admit. he would play the role well)
    Thresh-Kellan Lutz (Strong)(Emmet Cullen)
    Effie-Netalia Tena (Plays Tonks in Harry Potter)
    And thats all i have so far.

  14. Janelle

    I always imagined Ed Speeler as Peeta
    Id say most likely because I read Brisingr right before Hunger games, But to me he’s quite close to perfection
    dunno about Ellen Page
    she doesnt have the Katniss look to me

  15. chrissy

    this is who i think should be cast (obviously):
    Katniss-Camilla Bell
    Peeta- Dustin Milligan
    Gale- agree w/ Kevin Zegers
    Effie- Miranda Richardson
    thats all i got so far but ellen page is too short and has a full face for Katniss, camilla bell is tall and lean and dark complected like the book describes

  16. tweetz

    i’d love it if they turned it into a movie, but on who should be cast, i think that you should prob look at younger ppl, because if it gets turned into a film, it’ll prob be made in a couple of years meaning that the cast should be around 14/15 now for the parts of katniss and peeta

  17. umber

    I know he’s too old now, but my stupid brain put the image of Christian Bale in my head for Gale (a young Christian Bale, pre-batman… I have a thing for both Christian and Gale, ehe). And Jack Nicholson for Haymitch, absolutely (if you really want someone younger you could get a dirty-looking Gerard Butler). I love Ellen Page for Katniss; she’d be great. Peeta could be played by the guy who played Peter Pevensie in the Narnia movies. The lady who played Professor Umbridge in HP could do Effie.

  18. JAZZ

    I think your picks are great. But if you use Ellen Page, I think Cinna and Peeta need to be played by someone a tad younger. I have no idea who but that’s just my opinion. Can’t wait for the sequel in September!

  19. Deborah

    They should really make a movie out of the book. IT’s one of the best of it’s genre that I’ve ever read.
    This is who i want for katniss
    Katniss: Zooey Deschanel

  20. abby

    katniss- freida pinto
    peeta – simon baker
    haymitch- hugh laurie or johnny depp
    effie- julie hagerty
    foxface- bonnie wright
    cinna- maybe colin farrel
    glitter or shimmer (i forget her name)- laura ramsey

  21. Eve

    i think sebastian stan would be perfect for cato:] i wish the woman from x-men who played jean grey was younger…cuz then she would be PERFECT for fox face. i don’t think that ellen page would be good cuz she doesnt look like the type that can be leathal and survive in someonthing like the hunger games. i think unknowns would be good for younger characters, and johnny depp for haymitch