October 11, 2008

Perfect Hunger Games Movie Cast

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Hungergames The minute I opened The Hunger Games (for ages 12 and up), I started seeing the story in my head. Suzanne Collins uses very evocative language, and a lot of her scenes are structured like movies. Between that and the plot — which practically begs to be turned into a big feature film — I think it’s not too early to start thinking about who should play whom in the movie. Here are my picks:

Katniss Everdeen – Ellen Page
You know Ellen from Juno (rated PG-13), in which she proved her acting chops and demonstrated that she definitely has enough personality to take on Katniss’s strong character.

Peeta Mellark – Benjamin McKenzie
We haven’t seen much of Ben since The OC ended, but he’s perfect for this role. He somehow still looks like a teenager, he’s got the quiet brooding act down pat, and he’s built enough to work as the strong baker’s son.

Haymitch Abernathy – Philip Seymour Hoffman
I’m a little biased here, since PSH is one of my all-time favorite actors, but I do think he’s an objectively great choice. Haymitch is a pretty complicated character, requiring an actor who’s up to the challenge. Plus, he looks the part (at least as I pictured Haymitch).

Effie Trinket – Amy Poehler
This probably isn’t fair to Amy since she’s a hilarious comedian and probably a really nice person. But when I think of Effie, I think loud, obnoxious, overly chipper, and Ms. Poehler has played a bunch of characters just like that. For example, in Mean Girls (rated PG-13), and the voice of a Chipette in Alvin and the Chipmunks (rated PG). Sorry, Amy!

Cinna – Colin Farrell
I have no good justification for this one except that Cinna is awesome and so is Colin Farrell.

What do you think? How’d I do casting the inevitable Hunger Games movie? Let me know your picks in the comments!

— Jack, STACKS Intern

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  1. Rachel

    I’ve looked back on these 13 pages of suggestions, and honestly, some of them are really funny. First off, when I was 13 I apparently wanted Alexander Ludwig for Peeta. Now he’s Cato, and my inner 13-year-old is pleased. Also, one of you mentioned that Isabelle Fuhrman would be a good Katniss? Well, she’s 15 now, and she originally auditioned for Katniss, but was ultimately chosen for the role of Clove. (plus also, when I was 13, I thought Clove was blonde. /facepalm) Another thing that I found funny was that someone picked Stanley Tucci for Cinna, and he’s Ceasar Flickerman now.

  2. maria

    O M G…. I cant believe the movie is coming out. i ♥ this book. i bought the whole series. it was great, awesome, romantic, and cool.
    i dont really care who plays katniss, petta, or gale as long as i see the movie nothing else matters. by the way i dont think lady gaga should play katniss.

  3. Z

    I personally think that Natalie Portman should play Katniss!!!! I envision Katniss as a beautiful young woman!

  4. Heyy

    i am looking forward to reading this book i been waiting to get it and i hoping that i will be able to read it since allot of my friends told me it is a really good book

  5. Alex

    I totally agree with u but I have my doubts that ellen page would make a good katniss. I mean katniss is small and incredibly talented with a bow and arrow soooooo

  6. Jordan

    I think there should be an open audition just to get new faces into Hollywood. A lot of people are going to have high hopes if they do. But as long as you keep your head high and do your best you should be glad that you were able to do it. So I hope to get the chance to try out as I’m sure a lot of people do so hopefully they do open auditions.. Fingers crossedXX

  7. anonymous

    This is who i think the cast should be:
    Katniss:Camilla Belle (maybe)
    Peeta:Alex Pettyfer
    Prim:Elle Fanning or Abigail Breslin
    Mrs.Everdeen:Reese Witherspoon
    Gale:Gaspard Ulliel or Drew Roy
    Haymitch:Johnny Depp
    Effie:Katy Perry or Amy Poehler
    Cinna:Orlando Bloom
    Avox girl:Haley Ramm
    Thresh:Taylor lautner
    Cato:Sebastion Stan
    Glimmer:Sara Paxton
    Fox face:Emma Stone
    Rue:Bella Thorne
    Clove:Nikki Reed
    Please comment!

  8. Lala

    I think I could be a good Rue! She was my fav. character by far and I think I could do an amazing job!

  9. C

    Maybe Kristin Stewart will do a better Katniss cuz
    she’s real pretty (how about
    Miley Cyrus? I don’t think
    she’s that kind of type. Well,she’s pretty,too.)
    Anyway,I think Jeremy Sumpter suits Cato.
    (Cato’s my favorite!)

  10. Jess

    i’m sorry but Lady gaga would be the LAST person on the PLANET who should be Katniss!!!
    goodness me.
    i need to sit down or i’ll faint.

  11. wayben

    i like your castings though i don’t see the character in their faces.. i think none of your suggestions fit for the parts.. it would be best, i think, if we choose from newbies. :)

  12. Jarynette

    the actor choices shown are ok, but i think that undiscovered actors should be in the movie (only if they are good). there could be one or two celebz but try to stick to unkowns for now. (i no i’m not that good but i would like to try to be prim. her or any young character.) this movie, i think, is going to be a “#1 movie in america”. lets try to make it like that, we need good actors.

  13. Nicole

    I personally think I should be in charge of casting- not some random man hired by the studios who hasn’t even read the book once, let alone gotten a feel for how the characters should look and the auras they exert.

  14. divagab

    Thats cute. I love most of the casting and I can’t wait to see it Does anyone know if they’re gonna have open auditions?

  15. Damaris

    Actually, I didn’t like your casting AT ALL. But I should be quiet, because my casting is really impossible. A swedish, charity working cousin who’s soon 30 as Katniss, and a also too old artist with all wrong physique? Drop that…

  16. Adam

    I think all of the young folks in this movie should be newcomers (Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Rue, Foxface…all of them)
    Then cast some heavyweights in the supporting older roles.
    Here’s my list…
    Haymitch – Jeff Bridges. Cmon he would be brilliant. He is rugged and passionate but at the same time can act ambivalent. (Otherwise Eddie Izzard)
    Cinna – Stanley Tucci. I know that physically he is described differently but I think he would carry the weight of Cinna’s actions with precision. And if you’ve read Catching Fire, it even fits more.
    Elfie – Maria Bello. She’s to big for such a small part probably, but she is who I pictured while reading.
    Mom. Catherine Keener…because she is amazing in everything.
    President Snow. Michael Gambon. Dude. He would scare me.
    Caesar Flickman – of course…Ricky Gervaise (Otherwise Eddie Izzard)

  17. Serena

    Hey everyone!
    Here’s my Hunger Games cast list (I LOVE THESE BOOKS!) (after some research):
    Jeremy Sumpter. In my eyes, he’s perfect. Maybe a little buffing up and he’d be even better! Jeremy’s cute, blond-exactly the way I imagine Peeta to be! A total Baker’s son.
    I don’t know the actress’s name, but she looks perfect for Katniss.Maybe the skin could be more olive, but pretty good.
    Definitely Agim Kaba. Kinda unknown, green eyes, brown hair-normal looking but still cute. Wonderful for Cinna.
    Cheryl Hines, no doubt. If she dyed her hair pink and smiled tons and tons,Effie would be before us.
    Alec Baldwin.Rough looking, looks like a drunk (no offense) and overall great choice for Haymitch.
    Alana Ethridge. She just looks like Rue in general. Cute, dark skin. Flawless Rue.
    No one definitively, but maybe Madeline Mcnulty. She’s so tiny/cute looking, with the blond hair,blue eyes,delicate looks of Prim.
    For Gale, I’m not sure but possibly Skander Keyes. Not sure about Mrs. Everdeen or Avox girl, either. Maybe Colleen Degal as Avox? What do you guys think about my cast choices?
    Remember, “May the odds EVER be in your favor!”

  18. rosie

    hmm…I think Selena Gomez shud play Katniss and Peeta shud be Alex Pettifyr cuz peeta’s supposed to have blonde hair. Amy as Effie? Agreed 100%.

  19. should be katniss

    hey you guys, i luv the hunger games like all of you, and i think we all agree that each person should be done to the exact match of a character. well i know lots of you want alex pettyfer as peeta but i was thinking that max theirot would be better. for katniss i think i should play her if you saw what I looked like you guys would see how perfect i am to play her, i also do archery, am a great dodger and very sporty and thin, i can easily go for the ‘idont live well’ look.
    well thanx for reading and if you have anymore suggestions for me or anything just type on up and i’ll type bak

  20. jordan

    i totally agree with sara……if this movie were to come out i would be at the first showing…..no matter who plays in it….but i must admit…the book has made my expectations high…so if the movie doesnt meet or exceed it…..i will be extremely dissapointed

  21. Thm

    Ok, everyone is picking actors/actresses that are either
    A) way too old
    B)From Twilight/Disney Channel which is NOT acceptable
    C) Don’t match the character description- Rue and Thresh are black or at least ethnic with darker skin. Dakota Fanning is not.
    Personally, I think instead of racking our brains to think of someone who we already know and still matches the descriptions of the younger characters we should just have them be unknowns- give them a breakthrough role.
    However, if Alex Pettyfer is chosen as Peeta I won’t complain- it’s like he walked out of my imagination and besides I hadn’t the slightest clue who he is and where he’s from, I only know about him because these fine people constantly mention him. Good day to you all and may the odds for this movie to be a success be ever in our favor.

  22. Amy

    well, I refuse to allow tweeny-bopper stars to make this movie an embarrassing piece of junk. i want a legit movie. and i’m not targeting you- I think you did really well, i hadn’t thought of Phillip Seymour Hoffman- he’d be really good. i like the ellen page idea but i really think that the main role(s) should be played by new and unknown actors- it’s easier to find a perfect match and famous actors always distract from the story and the magic of the movie. but i adore the phillip seymour hoffman idea. i’d do
    katniss- unknown actress
    peeta- alex pettyfer
    gale- unknown actor
    effie- kristen chenoweth
    haymitch- phillip seymour hoffman!
    cinna- i’m not sure, someone good!
    rue- rubina ali?
    foxface- anna sophia robb
    prim- jenna boyd (if she hasn’t gotten too old)

  23. Rhonda

    I think the part of Katniss should be played by either Ashley Green or Ellen Page. But I think Ashley because she can look plan at the beging and take on the “girl of fire” part well. that is my vote.

  24. blob

    jeremy sumpter should play peeta hes exactly how i imagined him. peeta should be cute and sweet not how like alex pettyfer

  25. Abbi

    I think that Hugh Laurie would be the perfect Haymitch if he gained a couple pounds! And I like your idea for Katniss! Peeta should be played by Alex Pettyfer in my opinion though.

  26. Sarah

    ok so idk most of those actors/actresses but, i was talking to my librarian and she thought that i should play katniss. i think that would be pretty cool. and i think logan learmin should play gale

  27. Rachel

    Okay,I’ve been looking on the Internet for actors/actresses that could fit,and here’s who I think should play the main characters in the Hunger Games movie:
    Katniss:Alyssa Diaz(Look her up,she’s an unknown actress and I think she’s great!)
    Peeta:Jake Abel or William Moseley
    Gale:Drew Roy
    Prim:Elle Fanning or Abigail Breslin
    Haymitch:Ian Mcshane
    Madge:Annasophia Robb(I know a lot of people have been suggesting her for Prim or Katniss,but she’s perfect for Madge!She’s got that sort of rich-girl look)
    Cinna:Nick Arrojo(He’s the hairstylist from What Not To Wear,and I think he could pull off Cinna nicely)
    Effie:Amy Poehler
    Rue:Madison Pettis
    Clove:Bridgit Mendler or Alexandra Daddario(Yes,I know she’s in the Percy Jackson movie,but I think she could be a good Clove)
    Glimmer:Taylor Swift or Bridgit Mendler
    Foxface:Haley Ramm
    Avox Girl:Taylor Dooley
    Thresh:Christopher Massey(brother of Kyle Massey)
    All the rest I have no idea who they should be.

  28. hr

    ok i know that i just sayed how much i love their choice for peeta but i just found another who i think i like better Hunter Parrish. omg is it just me or is he perfect.

  29. hr

    that has to be the best idea for peeta i have seen, he’s perfect. i like most except for katniss. and the problem is all the actress are to soft looking and bubbly for katniss but i have to say katniss is a hard charracter to find an actress for. they need to look more like me. lol and yes im being honest

  30. katniss

    I meant I Dont care if he was in twilight btw let me know if anyone has info on auditions is there gonna be a tour ? i hope so!

  31. Kaley

    Awww thanks guys but im not that good with a bow and i dont know when auditions are! let me know if you find out!

  32. katniss

    Here is who i think
    Katniss: Kaley N She is very unknown but a great actor
    Gale: Taylor Lunter Come on he is so cute! idk if he was in twilight
    Cinna: Johnny Depy He would be super as a fashinista!

  33. Kerri

    Haymitch- Jack black! hah
    Gale-Adam Gregory
    Peeta-Alex Pettyfer
    Primrose-icant show pix and dont know grls name go 2 google and type renesmme its grl with straight across bangs and curly hair PERFECT!
    Katniss-unknown person!

  34. Drewsa

    Max Thieriot is definitely my Peeta. As long as he is playin Peeta’s role then I don’t care how bad the others are.
    Although I personally choose Willa Holland as Katniss. ^^

  35. Drewsa

    Here’s the list of how I picture the characters from the book.
    Katniss – Kaya scodelario or Willa Holland
    Peeta – Max Thieriot (as young David from “Jumper”)he got that cocky look.
    Gale – Drew Roy or Kevin Zegers
    Prim – Elle Fanning
    Rue – Madison Pettis
    Thresh – Tristan Wilds
    Cato – Jared Padelecki
    Clove – Dianna Agron
    Foxface – Emma Stone
    Marvel from district 1 or the boy from district 3 – Bobby Edner
    Cinna – Hugh Dancy
    Haymitch – Gary Oldman
    Effie – Kristin chenoweth
    Mrs Everdeen – Jessalyn Gilsig
    Avox – Kelly vitz
    President Snow – Robert Forster
    Google them up. What do you think? :)

  36. Mrs.Katniss Mellark

    ok i have looked up evrysingle one of everybodys choices on google images. and really? everysingle one of them are horrible not to be mean or anythin. but we need new people! like people who arnt famous. now i go to a skool of the arts and i wanna be katniss. and according to myacting teacher with all my monolougues i could be.. i no i sound like everybody else on here, but seriously i mean it.. just sayin,, and the only character i could actually see in the movis that someone posted was peter facinelli as cinna.. but thats it we need new people=-]]

  37. shannen

    i dont think any of the people you chose are at all close to the charactors. the only one i thought was ok was your chose for cinna. i think new people who have never acted in a movie befor should play katniss, peeta and gale

  38. anaiah(hunger games expert)

    i wanted to marry the hunger games when i read it. it is spectacular. Suzanne Collins is the best author in the world! i have to disagree with one cast picking-i really don’t think that Ellen page should play the role of Katniss Everdeen i believe that an unknown actor should play the role. Though the unknown actor would have to have-light brown hair and dark brown eyes with a hint with gray in them. that can easily be done with some colored contacts and some hair dye. the actor would have to be a little muscular in the arms and legs.(and of coarse be a good actor and look 16 years old) it is OK if a actor does not have all of these looks but this is how i think katniss should look like.:)

  39. Aleah

    Katniss – Anna Popplewell
    She is perfect! When she played in Narnia, she shot arrows. She would be great at the role of Katniss, and she looks EXACTLY like the Katniss in my head, maybe with longer hair, but look her up.
    Also, Alex Pettyfer looks the part of Peeta.

  40. NachoS

    No Disney Channel Stars! No Twilight! Megan Fox, Ellen Page, Camilla Belle, Zooey Deschanel and Kristen Stewart? Alex Pettyfer? PLEASE PEOPLE!!
    Either they take unknown actors or here’s my choice:
    Emily Browning for Katniss would be perfect. Explained in post #84 by Bellisea. She’s in her twenties, but she can pull it off. She’s small and she looks younger. A bit of a tan and she fits.
    For Peeta I was thinking William Moseley. He’s a bit old, but Emily and WIlliam would make a GREAT couple! If you want a younger looking Peeta, try Sterling Knight. He looks cute.
    For Gale I would think Gaspard Ulliel or Zac Efron (I know, sorry). He’s a small part, so it doesn’t really matter…
    Prim is easy. It’s definitely Elle Fanning. Remember that she’s not supposed to look like Katniss at all, so Elle is good.
    Cinna. This one goes to Christian Bale. He’s one NORMAL looking actor. Perfect! I doubt though whether he’d want to play CINNA, since it’s nothing compared to Bruce Wayne or Trevor in the Machinist.
    I see Robert Downey Jr. as Haymitch. A stuffed pillow under his shirt and he’s all fit. Scramble up the hair and we have Haymitch. Plus he does look kind of hard core, like he could have beaten 23 other tributes when he was younger. PSH is too old and Johnny Depp… Hmm.. I just don’t see him as Katniss’ and Peeta’s Mentor.
    The thing about Effie is, there’s no age given, so it ranges from Katy Perry to Miranda Richardson. Could be anyone really. I think Effie is so altered anyone could step into high heels and get make upped so much to be Effie Trinket.
    As for Rue, I haven’t found anyone. It has to be someone from Indian or African descent.
    If Tom Felton could put on a few pounds plus a whole lot muscles he’d be fine for Cato. He could pull the end off. The part where Cato is begging to be killed.
    Other characters could pretty much be unknown since they’re not a real importance. I could list actors for Foxface and Clove and Glimmer too, but they don’t have to be A-List or known actors. I’ll give space for people who want to audition. XD

  41. hayelz

    KatnissEverdeen whoever u r u r so rite. i want to be katniss more than anything but it is a very slim chance. also i agree about having the grey eyes, seriously, u would have to wear contacts or something. but i think that we have more of a chance than most actors because like heaps of peoplee have said people wont concentrate on the movie with really famous peeps. but we have to be in the rite place at the rite time really, and have a god who love us very much! so to all those waiting to be discovered peeps who want to b in this movie and hopefully get their big break, i quote KatnissEverdeen ‘may the odds be evr in ur favour!

  42. KB

    I really dont like your casting no offence. Well just mostly for Katniss and Peeta they are WAY too old for the part. Haymitch and Cinnia are good though. And people, LADY GAGA for Katniss?!

  43. KatnissEverdeen

    I really want to know if there are open auditions. I don’t really have much acting expierience but I can sing and I’m pretty athletic. My hair can be dyed and I have green/blue eyes, (cause seriously who has GRAY eyes?) And other people who want to be Katniss, our chances are so slim cause when you think about all the girls that read this book that want to be Katniss PLUS the other acutal actors. Good luck to all of you with trying out. “And may the odds EVER be in your favour.” lol

  44. kylie

    oh oh oh if anyone can get the person who is directing the film and suggest me to be rue please oh please i love rue!!!

  45. hayelz

    katniss: me
    peeta: max theirot
    rue: alana ethridge
    effie: katherine higl
    haymitch: alec baldwin
    cinna: agim kaba
    avox girl: colleen deigal
    can you guys help me out with the rest please?!

  46. hayelz

    i think alana ethridge would be the perfect rue and either katherine higl or the germ scared lady of glee would be a good effie. maybe alec baldwin for haymitch and max Thieriot for peeta, agim kaba would be a great cinna i think and colleen deigal for the avox girl.

  47. carry

    @Andrea:: I think Molly Quinn would be a GREAT Foxface or the red-headed Avox girl.
    I agree with everyone that mentioned Shelby Young for Katniss. So perfect! But Alex Pettyfer for Peeta stinks IMO. I don’t know who I want for Peeta, but not him!!!

  48. Andrea

    Molly Quinn for Katniss!
    She’s not a big name, so at least that won’t distract the audience from the content of the movie. :)
    She’s just the right age too. 16 this year.

  49. Clarissa

    KRISTEN STEWART AS KATNISS????? i don’t agree. SHe already ruined Twilight with her bad acting.Leelee Sobieski for Katniss doesn’t look good either. She doesn’t look innocent or young enough for Katniss. Nicole Vaccaro and ellen page don’t look like Katniss and missy peregrym looks too old.

  50. Clarissa

    Ali, KRISTEN STEWART AS KATNISS???? :( No thanks. During twilight, she and Robert Pattinson ruined it. And during New Moon she screamed like a man when the book said “high pitched screams”.

  51. Clarissa

    Amanda Bynes,Lady Gaga,or Ali Lohan as Katniss???????? I STRONGLY DISAGREE!! I wish people followed the book more often… To pick the character you should actually read the book and match them with their expression or book description !

  52. short_ninja :D

    i agree with whoever put that johnny depp should be in the movie, but NOT as haymitch. and i totally think that lili is rite abigal breslin is perfect 4 prim! i dont think that effie should be played by amy tho i dont know who should play effie just not amy. one more thing: i think ellen page would b a pretty good katniss.

  53. kransan

    are they going to make a movie for the hunger games and when if they are, because i read the book and i loved it its my fav book of all time now im going to read ” Catching Fire”

  54. tigerlily

    ok, nevermind about Shelby Young being old, in a picture I saw of her she looked old. Turns out she’s 17 or 18. Either way, I really don’t imagine her as Katniss.

  55. tigerlily

    I’m seriously in disbelief right now. Honestly? These characters are supposed to be TEENAGERS and you guys are suggesting Megan Fox and Shelby Young to play Katniss? And what?! Miley Cyrus! It should really be people who are sort of unknown and look and are teenagers.
    Personally my choices are Sarah Bolger (she was in Spiderwick Chronicles and Tudors) for Katniss
    Peeta: either William Mosely or Bradley James. I’m sorry but I cannot see Alex Pettyfer be Peeta. He’s alway Jace in my eyes.
    Gale: omg definately NOT Taylor Lautner. If anyone from Twilight is in the movie I’m going to be annoyed. I sort of imagnie Steven R. McQueen (Vampire Diaries) as him, but I still haven’t heard or seen anyone who is a really good Gale in my eyes.

  56. kesh

    I think that the castings here are bad to. i agree with sara. hopefull there will be a movie and it will be just as good as the book. im just gonna wait until other people figure out who to cast. but jhonny depp as haymitch was a good decision.

  57. hayelz

    soz to be obsesive but i am so like katniss and am dying for the part! i love acting and have now dyed my hair and my friend is freaked out cause she says i look identical to katniss. i wish i could just have a chance at auditioning cause i love it! if i dont get the part i at least want the part of prim cause i can change my hair back and a bit of make up can make me look like her. i am a good singer and love archery and the hunger games. i so want to be katniss but iff worst comes to worst i could always play someone else, as long as i am actually in it!

  58. unicornsunite


  59. CF

    dont agree with any of them other than amy and colin, your casting for peeta and katniss are WAY too old for the characters, and Haymitch needs to be older and have a beard and be heavy set.

  60. mika

    i want have shelby young for katniss she have look like her and i here people on here say she good at acting good so she is who i choose

  61. Matthew M.

    Not boasting either but I to wish to become an actor and think I would be a great Peeta or Gale. I would even settle for a minor role like one of the other tributes. I love the book by the way.

  62. Lila

    Oh yeah! Shelby Young! She’s really great! She has olive skin, blueish-greenish-greyish eyes and brown hair! Plus I think she’s really good at acting!
    Good call “Katniss” LOL :-P

  63. Jess

    I can promise you, Megan Fox will never play Katniss, and I am almost positive Emily Browning won’t either.
    So don’t just insist on a particular actress who’s in your favorite 2008 movie who has brown hair/brown eyes and is older than twelve and less than 25. That’s a very vague description.
    I know there’s colored contacts, but how ridiculous did they look in Twilight?
    Katniss has grey eyes,dark brown/black hair.
    OLIVE skin.
    Is sort of beautiful but doesn’t know it. Beautiful in a natural way, not in the Capital’s ostentatious way.
    Is fit, runs fast, CAN SING.
    I get Anna Popplewell–Narnia and all that. But I think she’s too old, too pale, and plus she has an accent. It’s not worth it for her to get a trainer so she can do a similar film. Plus the movie’s being filmed in the US, so you’d need a work permit..

  64. Jess

    Um Disney Channel stars? The Jonas Brothers? Johnny Depp?
    DO you even see the kind of movies they do? Who suddenly decided Sterling Knight would make a great Peeta? Is Sterling even his real name? *shakes head*
    Trust me, all these guys are like custom made Disney toothpicks. Peeta is a little stronger looking. And seriously? Drew Seeley as Gale? What next, Zac Efron?!
    I’m seeing the same
    suggestions over and over. It’s not brilliant having Maddison Pettis as Rue. As cute is she is, she’s too perky and “bubbly” and not like Rue at all. Sure it’s acting, but she’s not right for the character in looks or credits. Movies like “The Game Plan” are more of her thing.
    Almost all the actresses suggested are too old, and/or don’t look like the characters described in the book! I know older actors can play the characters, but it’s not believable, since Megan Fox doesn’t even look like a teenager! Camilla Bell is too old! Michelle Trachtenberg is too old, and doesn’t look like Katniss, Anna Popplewell, Ellen Page…most of those actresses are in their 20′s! And a known actress would ruin it, everyone would think of what movie’s they had been in before.
    Elle Fanning? Dakota Fanning?
    Taylor Lautner?
    no No NO NO!
    Katy Perry as Effie?
    I could never NEVER NEVER see that movie. It would be like a horror film.

  65. Jess

    Personally, I’m glad casting directors don’t take in only fan’s choices.
    Their job is to try and find the best actor to fit the role and play the part.
    It’s not how much you think a model or singer or actor looks like how you imagined the character would look like, or how well you think they acted, or that “Johnny Depp” was in your favorite movie.
    There are thousands of actors out there, who are very talented. There are hundreds or at least dozens are better suited for the role of Katniss or Peeta/Gale, that are unknown to you.

  66. Jessi

    Hahahaha :D
    I don’t know why, but some of the suggestions of characters seem completely hilarious/ridiculous to me!
    I am literally “loling” right now.
    Jonas Brothers? Kristen Stewart (not Kristin Stuart)? Lady Gaga? Megan Fox? Ellen Page (who is really more of a comedy girl, and doesn’t quite have that look)
    I agree the actors should be unknown, but I also get that it’s a movie and they need to get attention –so have a few established experienced known actors for older characters, such as Effie.
    Did some fans just pick their favorite band members/actors from their favorite movie? That’s never going to happen. Or at least I pray it doesn’t! I can’t imagine Dakota Fanning as Katniss. (Actually I can, and that would ruin it for me!)
    And Hayley Williams from Paramore as the Avox girl. As much as I love her, she is too old, she is a musician, she’s busy, she’s not a natural red, her hair is blonde now, this is beyond a run on sentence…but you get the point. Dozens of reason but need I go on?
    Some people don’t seem to get that not everyone wants to be an actor or be in this movie.
    Why do all the Katniss picks have PALE SKIN, or have brown hair/brown eyes? Not every actress with that vague description looks like Katniss Everdeen or Bella Swan! Does anyone know what olive skins looks like? I have olive skin, gray eyes, dark brown/black hair…
    If I had wanted to do acting, she might be a character I’d like to audition for.
    But I am thoroughly repulsed at the idea of Miley Cyrus or Camilla Bell.
    Emily Browning or Anna Popplewell, I could get how people would think of them for Katniss. Still not my favorite though.
    **I could talk forever about this.

  67. Almay

    I really wanna see Jack Black as Haymitch; Judy Greer as Effie; hunk Taylor Lautner as Gale; blond Chase Crawford as Peeta; and gorgeous Megan Fox as Katniss. ♥

  68. Tiffany

    I think that Emily Browning should play Katniss. she is pretty and small and looks like she can handle the Hunger Games.I don’t like anyone else playing that part.

  69. Guardian-Librarian

    Ellen Page
    Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Totally awesome
    How about Sissy Spacek from
    Coal Miner’s Daughter for
    Katness’s MOM???

  70. hayelz

    btw i dont think that annasophia robb would be good for clove, i mean clove is supposed to be big and strong and annasophia is small and skinny, no offence

  71. hayelz

    yeah when r the auditions and where cause i am so like katniss, i don’t mean to sound annoying but i am obsessed with the book!

  72. hayelz

    i could so play katniss, i look excactly like the picture on the book, it’s creepy! we are the same in every way, pick me to play her!

  73. Leah xo

    Katniss Everdeen- im not really sure about her everytime i read the book, ive sort of resembled to her. so i pictured myself.
    Peeta Mellark- Landon Liboiron
    Gale- Taylor Lautner

  74. Katniss

    My choice for Katniss is actress Shelby Young. I’m quite fond of her and she is still enough of an “unknown” for me.
    What do you guys think?

  75. hayelz

    i am a waiting to be discovered actress and i love the hunger games and i would be so much like katniss if i dyed my hair. so if you are looking for someone to play katniss, here i am. by the way,does suzanne colins really post comments on here cause i ever so badly want to play katniss and i love the hunger games.

  76. katie

    I think a good Kattniss would be Ashley Benson
    Petta possibly Michael Cera but hes a little old.
    For Haymitch, Jonny depp
    and for effie I could deffenetly see Amanda Bynes

  77. bbb

    all of the actors/actresses that people have been suggesting don’t really seem to make sense with the book… with some exceptions…
    both Katniss and Gale are described in the book to have olive skin, gray eyes, and straight black hair. i think that Camilla Belle is the closest someone has got to Katniss. she might do well. I can’t really think of anyone for Gale, though…
    a lot of these actors would be too old to play the parts, though.
    whenever a book that I like is made into a movie, I like when they cast unknowns much better. I think it’s better that way because you won’t be judging the actors based on their previous performances. I would prefer if they cast unknown actors.

  78. oneorangeshoelace

    I just thought of some more. Miranda Cosgrove as…somebody, she just seems perfect for that movie, and…the guy that I just forgot the name of, Darren in “The Vampire’s Assistant” as Gale, maybe. I totally agree with whoever said Gale should be the Prince Caspian guy. I also agree with Johnny Depp for Haymitch. I have to disagree with Amanda Bynes or the Jonas Brothers being in the movie. Amanda’s more of a funny girl than an edgy, self-reliant, solemn kind of girl, and the JoBros are WAY WAY WAY too Disney for this movie.

  79. oneorangeshoelace

    Um, I’m sorry if I’m going all HP on you guys, but I think Daniel Radcliffe would be excellent as Gale, and Emma Brown as Katniss. (Unfortunately, I can see no opening for Rupert Grint.) Other than that, I got nothing. Really not too knowledgeable on movie stars…

  80. Lauri

    OH! I jus thought of something–
    couldn’t Emma Watson play Katniss, I know she’s too well known, but dye her hair, wrestle her accent, and she’d look fierce enough and sharp enough and sweet enough to be Katniss!

  81. Lauri

    Hugh Dancy===Cinna!!!
    Philip Seymour Hoffman would be a pretty good Haymitch. I mean, I love Johnny Depp, but I pictured Haymitch plumper. idk.
    And, yep, Katniss should def be a new girl, and all the other kids semi-knowns.Like William Mosely.

  82. Mai

    Use unknowns, and have the author cast them. What other way is there to do it? Then no one can say, ‘Oh, they aren’t like the book at all,’ because the author herself chose them.

  83. Anna

    Katniss-Emily Browning
    Peeta-Max Thieriot
    Gale-Drew Roy
    Haymitch-Robert Downey Jr
    Effie- Judy Greer
    Cinna-Hugh Dancy
    Prim-Ellie Fanning
    Mrs. Everdeen-Jodie Foster
    Mr. Everdeen-Eric Bana
    Rue-Yara Shadi
    Thresh-Stanislav Ianevski
    Cato-Freddie Stroma
    Avox girl-Bonnie Wright
    Madge-Saorise Ronan
    Glimmer-Arielle Kebbel
    Clove-Annasophia Robb

  84. t

    The people you’ve picked out are too old- unknowns that are good actors would be preferable. Max Thieriot would make a good Peeta, though.

  85. Alexis

    Plus Lady Gaga for Katniss is the most outrageous thought, and the Jones Brothers for anyone in that book is not a good idea. Just saying.

  86. Katie

    I have to say thank you for your casting of Peeta! I chose Ben McKenzie from the very beginning for the same reasons and totally believe he is the perfect person to cast as Peeta!!!
    I have had to defend my casting to just about everyone and it makes me feel so much better knowing there are other’s out there who see the character for what he is and recognize how great Ben would be! Thank you!!!

  87. Jasmine

    I agree that they should have like little sprinkles of celebs in the movie. But they shouldn’t be like major roles. Just supporting roles. The movie could be all C and B list celebs for all I care. As long as the movie isnt an epic fail.

  88. Jasmine

    After watching numerous Youtube videos I have compiled a list of people I think would be perfect. And I had the most perfect Haymitch picked out but I can’t find the video I posted the comment on.
    Katniss- Emily Browning
    Peeta- Michael Welch,Alex Pettyfer, William Moseley
    Rue- Jada Grace(jadagrace??) Alana Etheridge, Yara Shaidi, or ME!
    Cato-Micheal Welch, Kellan Lutz
    Foxface- Bonnie Wright or Taylor Dooley… leaning towards Bonnie Wright
    Thresh- Tristan Wilds or Christopher Massey
    Avox Girl- Bonnie Wright
    Prim- Abigail Breslin or Ariel Winter
    Clove- Taylor Swift or Hayden Panettiere
    Glimmer- Hayden P. or Taylor Swift
    Effie – Emma Degerstedt or Emily Blunt
    Gale- Nolan Gerard Funk, Adam Gregory, Drew Roy
    Haymitch- Hugh Laurie, Johnny Depp
    Cinna-Steven Strait, Gerard Way (idk why… lol), Christian Siriano
    Mrs.Everdeen- Sienna uillary, Judy Greer
    Mr.Everdeen-Matthew Perry
    Greasy Sale- Jane Seymour
    President Snow-
    Caesar Flickerman-
    District 3 boy-
    Help me out by telling me who should be cut from my list. And who should take what role. :)
    And yes i know i have posted like 6 post on here. lol

  89. Jasmine

    Does anybody know when thay are casting the movie or anything? I wanna play Rue. Everybody says I look like I’m 12 anyway. (So not twelve but okay)…
    I think Taylor Lautner as Peeta and then all unknows. and maybe the girl from Price Caspina as Katniss.
    Primerose should be the girl from.. (oh geez forgot the name of the movie… it about a lady and she has to babysit a little girl i think. uptown girls something like that. lol.)

  90. rachel

    what the heck! peeta is supposed to be husky not a tooth pick. i’m sorry but Max Thieriot
    would ruin the part… not that i have anything against him, but he’s just not peeta.

  91. alex

    besides a known celeb could take away form the movie. people could say “oh i know her she was in such in shuch” or “i didn’t like her in that movie”etc. see what i mean?

  92. alex

    i think that an unknown actress should play katniss. all of the celebs your sugesting just aren’t right (too girly, too old etc.)

  93. bluecookiedough

    i thin they should give us a chance to play the roles in our fav books. it would be fun to get to do something worthwhile with them.

  94. ILikeSTACKs

    I just think Peeta should be some one stronger, attractive but sweet enough to show me he needs Kat desperately.
    Im sure they will place older actors to it, as we seen lately they want mature beautiful people who can play a younger roll without loosing the concept.
    I just don’t seem to find a good pick for Peeta or Kat wtheir caracters are out of this world, whomever gets this roles are bound to fill
    BIG shoes.. great ideas here though!!!

  95. Jessica

    While reading, this is what I pictured:
    Katniss: Saoirse Ronan (she played Lina Mayfleet in City of Ember)
    Peeta: Lucas Till (from the Hannah Montana movie)
    Gale: Harry Treadaway (He played Doon Harrow in City of Ember)
    Haymitch: The guy who plays Mad-Eye Moody in the Harry Potter movies.
    Pres. Snow: Jigsaw from the Saw movies.

  96. Music_is_love

    Oh, and the whole since im young thing was NOT a bag on any of you guys by any means! But if you knew my age you’d probably agree…><

  97. Music_is_love

    MY goodness! I love this book and I just read the sequel, it was great. As far as Rue goes, If they are having auditions, Im going!I would love to be Rue, you know, who wouldn’t?? Anywaay, since im young I have no clue who most of you are talking about, but I do not agree with the whole Keven Leger or whatever being him, I dont know, I just cant see it,, sorry.

  98. kiersten

    i totally disagree with the peeta pick i mean peeta is supposed to be 16 and the guy u picked is 31!!!!!!!! way to old

  99. Kitty

    I think almost completely unkniwn actors for the hunger. Most i=of the people you have other look too old or don’t fit the description. You need people who actually look like teenagers.
    Katniss- someone serious, out spoken, independent.
    Peeta- innocent, caring, compasssionate.
    Gale- built, serious, fearless, a little bit of a rebel.
    Haymich-preferble someone not worth looking at.
    Cinna-modest, compassionate, cute.
    Effie-Someone heavy set
    That’s what I think.

  100. madddy

    I dont like the idea of having all the actors be too well known. it kind of ruins the image in my head for it all. like Abigail Breslin as pim, and jonny depp, and all that would not be good to me. fresh new faces would be best. we could see the story unfold with everything being new to our eyes! with characters we’ve never seen! just like we’ve never seen the ones we all picture while reading the book! :)

  101. Megan

    Okay, I don’t think that Ellen Page for Katniss is good at all. Sorry. Nobody I’ve ever seen has fit the Katniss I see in my head when I read the book, and I don’t think anyone will.
    But I’ve heard that they’re casting KRISTEN STEWART as Katniss and ALEX PETTYFER as Peeta!!
    Now, I think Alex Pettyfer might do I good job but I really don’t like Kristen. I’m just too picky, I don’t think I’ll like the movie. But we’ll see. I sure hope they don’t ruin it!

  102. Anonomys

    I think Annasophia Robb would play a good Prim. She still looks young enough, and she’s got that innocent and kind look to her. IDK, I just think that would be cool.

  103. Julie

    More like I would make a good Katness Everdeen, Well maybe if I got rit of my tan. The chances I would get the part are very no extrely thin. Man I wish I was famous!!!

  104. Hunger Games!!

    Megan Fox would be the worst Katniss in the whole world. I agree that most of the characters should be played by unknowns. It would make the characters more real

  105. brooke

    Ugh I hate all those people for those roles, except maybe Amy as Effie.
    I love Ellen Page but not for this.
    Ben Mackenzie is WAY to old.
    I think I really want unknowns for everything except some adults. (kinda like Harry Potter)

  106. Brooke

    All I have to say is NO Disney actors!! Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney. But I don’t think they have enough experience with acting in such intense roles as those from the Hunger Games.
    Also, I’m not sure about the choices for Effie and Cinna. I kind of pictured someone tall and muscular but gentle as Cinna. As for Effie, I don’t really like the idea of comedians playing any roles in this movie at all.

  107. Rachel

    Okay,I’ve redone my cast list,and here’s who I think should play them.
    Katniss:Ashley Argota,if she could act fiercer,or Emily Browning(i think that’s her name? She played Violet from the Series Of Unfortunate Events movie)
    Peeta:Alexander Ludwig,Sterling Knight,or Dylan Sprouse
    Effie:Amy Poehler
    Haymitch:Phillip Seymour Hoffman
    Prim:Abigail Breslin
    Rue:Madison Pettis
    Thresh:Taylor Lautner
    Gale:Ben Barnes
    Cinna:Nick Arrojo
    Glimmer:Meghan Jette Martin or Taylor Swift
    Foxface or Avox Girl:Haley Ramm
    Clove:Jennette McCurdy(I don’t know how you spell her name)

  108. Sarah' x

    These Are My Opinions For The Cast Of The Hunger Games. Alot Of People May Have Saw Them Different But There The Closest To what I Imagined Them To Be.
    Katniss-U Would Have To Have An Unknown In My Opinion.
    Peeta-JASON DOLLEY (Okay I Love Him But He Would Be Good?)
    Gale-Aaron Johnston
    Effie-Amy Poehler
    Haymitch-Brendan Frazer (He’s Just So What i Would See Haymitch Like)
    All The Rest I Think You Could Give New Actors A Break And Let Them Play it Cause If You Have All Big Name Actors It May spoil The Film And May Not Be The Best People For The Job An Viewers May Go To see The Films For The Wrong Reasons. Theres Also Budget To Consider. Sarah’ x

  109. Susan

    In my opinion a lot of these suggestions seem WAY off. The tributes are teenagers. If you take some well known actor who is past their teenage years (Katniss is supposed to be 16!) to play the parts it will be very hard for it to be believable. That’s why these roles (especially the tributes) should go to relatively unknown actors. And I’m sorry, but NO Jonas brothers. Or any other Disney channel star.

  110. Andrea

    I’ve always thought that Katniss should be an unknown, but I was surfing the net and I found the absolutely perfect Katniss ever.
    Isabelle Fuhrman. She looks the part and she’s got the acting skills to pull it off. She’s that kid from Orphan, so she’s not too well known.
    She’s only 12 this year, but by the time The Hunger Games movie gets round to production, she’d probably be 14, so she’d be old enough by then.

  111. Mariah

    okay i think that all those characters were great! except for katniss i think they should have a talented unknown for katniss.

  112. hottie

    .. really i cant picture juno as katniss for my life, shes too chill. maybe the girl who played in the uninvited!? peeta has to be gorgeous! idk who that guy is but if hes cute, good. cuz edward cullen was just scary.

  113. Peetabread

    Hey! I love the hunger games and think that they will make an amazing movie!!!!!! Just wondering if anyone has ANY info on open auditions and casting???? If you do, please please please post!!!!

  114. Hungergamescrazy101

    I think Katniss should be an unknown actress, cuz if she were known it would kinda ruin the movie. but I think peeta shouldn’t be known either, but the rest can be known actors and actresses.Rock on Hunger Games!

  115. AbiGALE

    Dakota Fannning – Katniss Everdeen. Because I honestly can’t think of any other actress who can portray the dark and strong personality of Katniss the way Dakota will surely bring justice to. Of course her physical appearance will have to be altered to fit the description.
    I agree with Abigail Breslin for Primrose. Or maybe Elle Fanning if Abigail can’t pass for an twelve year old anymore.
    Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) for Gale.

  116. Indigo

    I’ve been through SO many videos and Hunger Games fan-pages, looking at ideal casting for the movie.! And this is just some of the ones that I thought were the best:
    Peeta Mellark
    • Alex Pettyfer
    • William Moseley
    • Max Thieriot (HE’S SO CUTE.!)
    • Zena Grey
    • Emma Degerstedt
    • Molly Quin
    Primrose Everdeen
    • Elle Fanning
    • Ellen Page
    • Stanislav Ianevski
    • Agnes Bruckner
    • Steffani Brass
    • Justin Kirk
    • Hugh Laurie
    Effie Trinket
    • Amy Poehler
    • Zooey Deschanel
    • Camilla Bell

  117. Stephanie

    WAIT…do you know who I just thought as THE PERFECT Katniss…Anna Popplewell, the girl who played Susan Pevensie in “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The only two problems would be her age (she is now 21) and her accent (British). Her features and personality are perfect, and she it was only two years ago that they casted the movie “Prince Caspian”, she looked a lot younger than she actually is. She could do it, she’s the perfect character for the part.

  118. Stephanie

    Also, if you do decide to make a movie out of the book and you have any auditions open, can you post that on this site?

  119. Stephanie

    I LOVE this book, it’s amazing. I’m reading “Catching Fire” (young adult) now and I didn’t think it would be as good as the first, but I’m almost done with the book and I can’t decide which is better. When I first looked at the “Hunger Games” (young adult) in the book store, I didn’t think it would be suited for a mature crowd (to childish), but it sounded interesting so I figured I would give it a shot…turns out it’s “on the edge of your seat INCREDIBLE”!!Big Props to the writer, Suzanne Collins your imagination and intellect are the perfect mixture for this series, no one else could have done a better job…it should definitely become a movie, I would support you 100%. As for the part of Katniss, I don’t think Ellen Page is a good choice, she’s a great actress but her facial features and personality do not fit the character, I’m 18 and I would love to play the part although I don’t think it would happen because it’s easier to pick an already introduced star, plus even though I think my facial features would fit the character and I can act pretty well, I am a dirty blonde with blue eyes. Anyway, thank you Suzanne for all of your time and effort into making this book spectacular!!!

  120. Lehua

    The first and only person I saw as Katniss was Dakota Fanning. I think she has the depth to portray all the layers of Katniss. The others I still haven’t cast in my mind…but Katniss has been set since the opening page.

  121. yuki

    Katniss: Demi lavato
    Peeta: Auston butler
    Cinna: Hugh dancy
    Clove: Emma watson
    Glimmer: Tiffany Thorton
    Haymitch: Jim belushi
    Effie trinket: Tinna faye
    Cato: Jared Padelecki

  122. Jasmine

    I;m reading the book for a second time. Hayden P. would be okay as Effie. And as for the other characters. Lemme get back to you on that… And geez… I wish they would let America know where open casting calls are gonna be held in advance… The movie is coming out in 2011 though right??? (And yes I did post that other post about Rue and Thresh like 10 comments above.)

  123. chanel

    i love ellen page, however she’s too old for the role.
    i think abigal breslin would be perfect for Prim. i picture her when reading the sequel.

  124. Rachel

    Here’s who I think should play some of the characters.
    Glimmer:Meghan Jette Martin
    Foxface or Avox Girl:Haley Ramm
    Rue:Madison Pettis(from The Game Plan)
    Cinna:Nick Arrojo(hairstylist from What Not To Wear)
    Prim:Abigail Breslin
    Peeta:Sterling Knight(From Sonny With a Chance)
    Gale:Ben Barnes(from The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian)
    I know some of these people might be too famous.But Katniss,Haymitch,Thresh,Effie,and the others should be unknowns.

  125. Farid_of_fire

    i think Shloe Bridges would be great for katniss. if sh would practice acting feircer you know. but she doesn’t look to girly.

  126. Noel

    The Jonas Brothers? Acting? they would ruin an amazing book. but thats just my opinion. personally, i’ll just wait and find out the casting when it comes out.
    i didn’t picture any specific actors, i just pictured the characters the way they were described.

  127. Sam

    Does anyone else see Robbie Coltrane as Haymitch? I thought of him immediately, just with longer, blonder hair. I also thought of Jason Dolley as Peeta after considering a lot of actors…
    I can’t find a good Katniss, but Ellen Page is the best suggestion I’ve seen so far. Definitely NOT NOT NOT MEGAN FOX.

  128. Mayci

    Jack I agree with your choice of characters. That all suit the part. And for those of you who suggested Dakota Fanning as katniss, I really don’t think she would be good for the part. I don’t mean to be mean but in my opinion if she’s cast she might just ruin the movie.

  129. Katie

    I think Ellen Page is okay, but I thought Katniss had olive skin…
    For Peeta I’ve always pictured Lucas Till. And I ran across a fantastic suggestion for Foxface- Alexis Bledel. She looks fantastic in red hair.

  130. Jasmine

    Okay. I looked at everybody’s post about who should play who. Rue and Thresh are black. I think they should get African-Americans to play the roles. Or Indians or bi-racial actors and actresses. But Katniss should be a break through role for an unknown actress. I think the whole cast should really be unknown. Because then the movie would be like epic because of an all fresh and new cast. But I could play Rue…

  131. Molly

    I agree with comment 111 but i think that Ashlyn Sanchez does look the part of Rue.
    I would love to play the role of Katniss, I look alot like her and would do a good job at playing her role.

  132. Andrea

    Personally, I think unknowns should be casted for all the tributes.
    Sierra McCormick looks like my ideal Prim.
    & somehow, I was imagining Miranda Richardson as Effie while I was reading the book. [Miranda Richardson's the woman who played Rita Skeeter in HP & the Goblet of Fire]

  133. manga eyes

    i think:
    katniss:kylie or kendall kardashian
    peeta: luke treadway the brother of harry treadway the guy who played doon in the city of ember
    cinna:JOHN CENA!!!!naw im kidding!!!!ok rlly,agree w/ u jack!!def. collin!! foxface;sasiorse ronan(she played lina) hugh laurie should be haymitch!!!!!!amy poehler for effie and dylan mcdermott for k.’s dad!!!

  134. Al

    SOOOOOOOOOO happy that there will be a film, there is this site where you can post your own cast for book based movies and then others can vote. It would be cool if the castibg directors actually looked at fans opinions but oh well.

  135. rhiannon

    jenna j. balderson and mariah moore are cute child actress who i think would look good as Prim. Any comments?

  136. rhiannon

    i agree with all except the mains
    i think Evan Ellingson should play Peter. he’s just a bit more boyish i think.
    Also, Dakota Fanning for Katniss.
    and im not sure but I think Taylor Lautner would kind of suits the image i have of Gale.
    what do u think?

  137. courtney

    I believe that the younger chacters should be some kind of unknown actor/actress, and the older chacters could be some big shot. I like the suggestion of Jhonny Deph being Haymitch because hes use to playing drunk chacters, but i don’t think he looks the part at all.

  138. Jillian

    I think that Dakotta Fanning for Katniss–did you see her in PUSH?? AMAZING totally could puul off the part!

  139. Susanna

    i think Abigail Breslin would be great as Prim but im not sure about Ellen Page being Katniss. im sure she would do the part amazingly but she is 22 and Katniss is 15.

  140. Stephanie V.

    Actually I have a whole different cast in mind.
    Katniss: a Leighton Meester look alike w/ darker hair or an unknown. Maybe even Camilla Belle.
    Peeta: I always picture Ed Speelers from Eragon or maybe Chris Egan from Kings
    Haymitch: Tom Hanks definitely Tom Hanks, he can pull off the drunk and the smart-alec mentor
    Effie Trinket: I would go with Imelda Staunton. She played Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. She can pull off the loud, obnoxious, overly chipper lady and still look kind of caring, but I could kinda just a little bit see Amy Poehler.
    Gale: I always picture Steven Strait
    Cinna: I love the whole Kevin Jonas idea.
    It doesn’t really matter as long as they can cast people who can ACTUALLY play the part well and can act pretty good. Recreating the movie is going to be really hard. I have a feeling that it won’t live up to the book, as any movie hasn’t before. I just hope its not going to be too hyped up and people will start to hate The Hunger Games. It might turn into such a franchise like some other books (Twilight) which could give back some negative media. I really don’t want that to happen because The Hunger Games is such an amazing story and so was Twilight.

  141. Amithaa.

    Lionsgate has already purchased the rights to the movie so i’m pretty sure it’s going ahead..
    maybe you shouldn’t just think about people who look like them (hair colour, etc.) things like that could be changed easily; a wig, or contacts.
    but yes, i agree. the children should be unknowns and have an open audition for them yet the adults should be celebs to attract more attention.
    if the tributes were celebs it wouldn’t be right at all as it would just be like a twisted i’m-a-celeb/big brother..

  142. Cindy

    I thought…
    Katniss – Megan Fox
    Peeta – Alex Pettyfer
    Cinna – Hugh Dancy
    Gale – Scott Michael Foster
    Cato – Kellan Lutz
    Clove – Hayden Panettiere
    Glimmer – Sara Paxton
    Rue – Jamia Simone Nash
    Foxface – Karoline Herfurth
    Effie – Morgan Fairchild
    Prim – Abigail Breslin

  143. Shaaron

    This is how i pictured them when i was reading the book, tell me if you think it’s any good.
    Katniss – Ali Lohan.
    Peeta – Alex Pettyfer.
    Prim – Elle Fanning.
    Gale – Gaspard Ulliel
    Haymitch – Hugh Laurie.
    Rue – Yara Shahidi.
    (In the book,Rue and Thresh are black.)
    Cinna – Christain Siriano.
    Effe – Amy Poehler.
    Axox Girl – Hayley Williams.

  144. Coco

    Here’s my opinion:
    Katniss-Camilla Belle
    Peeta-William Moseley
    Gale-Gaspard Ullieli
    Haymitch-Jack Nicholson
    Foxface-I agree with Liana
    (Agnes Bruckner)
    Effie-Morgan Fairchild
    Cinna-Hugh Dancy
    Thresh-Jared Padalecki
    Cato-Again agree with Liana (Sebastian Stan)
    Rue-Samantha Boscarino
    Clove-Hayden Panettiere
    Glimmer-Brittany Snow

  145. Dani

    No, no, no ,no, no to Ben McKenzie! He is just not the right person to play Peeta. I think Peeta needs to be a bit hotter, and a bit more innocent.

  146. em

    wow, liana, agnes bruckner would be PERFECT for foxface! i saw some other websites, and they thought that that nature girl from Sky High would be better, but I really agree with you. That other girl was too friendly and soft looking to play Foxface; or at least that’s what I think. Great choices for all, but I don’t really like anyone you guys chose for Katniss. The movie producers should really choose someone unknown, instead of going for a big shot who doesn’t even look/act like Katniss.

  147. Fieary

    i agree that Katniss should be played by a new actress. personally, i WANT to be that actress really bad. the only reason that i’m not perfect for the role is that i’ll need to lose weight. i don’t have a starving figure like Katniss was portrayed as in the book. i’m an excellent english literature and drama student, and i bet i can grasp the role very well.
    i’m alike Katniss in certain ways too.
    1.) climb trees.
    2.) being asian, i have the hair colour as the Katniss on the cover of the book, except slightly darker.(nothing i can’t change with dye/swimming)
    3.) i’m great at archery
    4.) hunter instincts run in my family.
    5.) i fish.
    xD~! i’m juz going on and on about this cuz i love the book, and would play Katniss to the best of my ability.

  148. Kaela

    Ok people, there IS a movie coming out. Lionsgate bought the film rights, and Suzanne herself is writing the screenplay since that is what she usually does (instead of writing books).

  149. Kaela

    Alot of people say alex pettyfer for peeta and I have to say hes the closest that I have come to picturing someone as peeta. But I don’t know, Alex is alot older now and he looks older too. there is just something to him that makes him seem … maybe hard is the right word… to play peeta.

  150. Kaela

    I have sorta made my own cast list, but I agree, most of the kids should be unknowns or kids who haven’t really had a huge career yet. But famous adult actors would be great for the movie revenue and more media attention.
    Heres my cast:
    Katniss – Emily Browning
    Peeta – (Can’t find anyone yet)
    Gale – Gaspard Ulliel
    Prim – Im stuck between Elle Fanning and Abigail Breslin
    Effie- Emily Blunt (Even thought Amy is great!)
    Haymitch – Hugh Laurie
    Glimmer – Emma Degerstedt
    Cato – Sebastian Stan
    Clove – Now, I wanted Hayden Panettire, but If people are planning to stick with the semi-unknown thing, thats gone.
    Foxface – Emma Stone
    Rue – Yara Shaidi
    Thresh – Robert Ri’chard
    Cinna – Hugh Dancy
    Avox Girl – Laura Prepon

  151. Gaia

    I read Lionsgates picked up the right for the film, if so, i can’t wait to see this book on screen… hopefully they wont change it too much (like the twilight disaster… sorry, but if u read the book, you know it’s true). I actually think Ellen Page might make a good Katniss… she seems versatile enough with her characters…she just needs to tone up a little more.

  152. katniss

    i agree with most of u when u say they should make all the main characters new actors beacuse all the ones that your picking for katness and gale and peeta and others just dont fit them. and everyones putting down really pale people for gale and katniss. there supposed to have tan skin so i think a hispanic should play them. and i agree with avox27 about hayley williams but i dont think she can act. but she could be amazing for all we know. and megan fox would be a really good fit but i think shes way to old. and i relly like alex petyferr but peete doesnt havet a british accent. adn PLEASE dont murder the movie like twilight did.harry potter wasnt so bad but i think cuz it picked unknown characters. please so unkown! and i know suzanne wont let them massicre her book by adding disney stars like selena gomes (i like her but disney doesnt go well with the hunger games). PICK UNKNOWN ACTORS! by!

  153. Tom

    Katnis = Megan Fox
    Peeta = Alexx Pettyfer
    but megan fox probably can’t do it with all the tomb raider stuff going on haha

  154. April

    I cant think of a cast for The Hunger Games, but I really dont hope the ruin the book with the movie. No offence or anything. But I really couldnt see Emily Browning or Kristin Stewart would be good for Katniss AT ALL. I agree with Ali; a totally new cast would have to be used. And also, I don’t like the idea of Haymitch being played by Johnny Depp. That doesn’t seem right to me. Something I’m really trying to figure out is who should play Rue in The Hunger Games movie. . . Any ideas?

  155. j3llo.....

    i love all those ppl for those characters.. but there should be a different Katniss… when will the movie come out?

  156. robin

    jack i agree with all or your picks completely amazing choices. Alexis however i dont agree with Joe Jonas and Lady GaGa. if i see an disney star in this movie i will die and jhonny deph is way to good looking to be playing haymitch

  157. Amy!

    ok first, ABSOLUTELY NOT Kristen stuart. this is just my opinion, but she doesnt even look good as bella, and katniss is too strong of a role for her to play. I think the tributes should all be unknown and maybe for haymitch Johnny Depp (he would do good with it) and maybe for cato or thresh the guy who played emmitt but no more twilight cast than that.

  158. spring

    lots of disagreements here..
    -ok, for this you need kids for the tributes roles.
    -Cody Linley should not play Peeta. He doesn’t have the right build. Plus, he doesn’t have the personality.
    - The roles of the kids should be played by unknowns.
    - Ellen Page doesn’t even come close to Katniss. Ellen is too..girly.

  159. Francesca

    Yeah. I think using well known faces would ruin it. Plus why does it always have to bge someone who is already famous.. I’d like a shot at playing Katniss too. Plus, a lot of you are choosing adults to play the parts for the 16 year olds. It just takes away from the point that they’re.. well..KIDS.

  160. Alainna

    I agree with almost every person chosen, except probably Haymitch’s character. I kinda thought he would look like a scruffy guy, like Hugh Laurie from House.

  161. Josie

    All of the suggestions for all of the characters were absolutely horrid. I loved reading the book but I would never see the movie if these actors were used in it. Ellen Page?! Johnny Depp?! The Jonas Brothers?! Ugh!

  162. Bellissa

    Wow, really good casting. Except Haymitch! I totally took him as more scruffy and not so chubby! Like I pictured him as how Jeremy Irons looked like in Eragon! (You know, the guys who plays Brom!) And I think Amy is perfect for Effie! I mean, Effie- to me- comes off as this character that nobody likes but you learn to love her! Her actions are just so funny to make fun of and she’s just so clueless that I think Amy could pull it off perfectly!
    But I also think Emily Browning would be a good pick for Katniss. She can totally pull of the hostile thing. I mean, she went from quiet, dark, and smart Violet in Series of Unfortunate Events to phsyco, scared, depressional Anna in The Univited (PG-13). She could totally pull of serious, hostile, funny, and sometimes emotional Katniss!
    Characters not mentioned:
    Rue: Abigail Breslin(Little Miss Sunshine, Nim’s Island, Definately Maybe (PG-13))
    Prim: AnnaSophia Robb (Race to Witch Mountain, Bridge to Terabithia, Because of WinnDixie)
    Clove: Arielle Kebbel(The Uninvited (PG-13), The Grudge 2 (PG-13), Aquamarine)
    Cato: Sebastian Stan
    Foxface: Agnes Bruckner
    Katnis’s mother: Sienna Guillory (Inkheart, Eragon)
    Gale: Jim Sturgess
    Avox Girl: Gennifer Goodwin

  163. Sarah

    I don’t know about Ellen Page as Katniss. She just doesn’t seem right for the part. Amy Pohler might be good for the part, but Jennifer Anniston would be better. Benjamin McKenzie… I can kind of see it, but I pictured him more like the guy who played Mike in Twilight. Philip Seymour Hoffman would be GREAT. Not Collin Ferrell, though. Maybe the guy from Ugly Betty?

  164. Blah Blah Blah

    Well personally, I think the books were AWESOME, and I think people who are not very known for the younger people’s parts is an amazing idea. I mean…I didn’t know most of the people in Twilight and although I didn’t like the movie (ruined the book…waaay too dramatic haha) I thought it was a nice way to introduce a popular and new book. If the movie goes well, why not give new actors and actresses a start? I’m excited for the movie though…I am begging the makers to PLEASE not mess this up. Harry Potter wasn’t that bad…Twilight was terrible…please don’t screw up this book too. :) Thanks!! Haha

  165. Lillian

    i’m 12 so i havent seen that many movies with adult celebs in them, but i have watched snl and totally agree with amy poehler for effie. i would love to see her with pink hair. billy-bob thorton as haymitch. i could totally see him doing a head-dive off of a stage, but he’d have to get the serious, somber parts down. i think johnny depp would be good, too. and philip seymour hoffman. i just saw his picture, but havent seen him act. i also think that katniss should be played by some one who really fits the part, super skinny, long hair, definately NOT selena gomez. shes too… disney, and made up and girly. she should be played by someone hispanic looking, but without an accent. same with gale. cause i mean, dark skin and dark hair. i’m not really sure about everyone else, octavia and the other weirdo stylists will have to be good and um, goofy? made-up so much that they dont even look real. Cinna hould be pretty down to earth, though.

  166. DeShea

    You may hate me for this, but I think that the characters (especially the main ones) should be played by unknowns. I think Amy, Jennifer, and Ali Lohan, etc, etc are too well known. There is a image that comes up in people’s heads when they think of those names. It just wouldn’t work for me. That’s just my opinion.

  167. Carly

    Katniss- Jessica Szohr
    Peeta- William Moseley
    Gale- Steven Strait
    Haymitch- Jack Nicholson
    Effie-Jane Lynch
    Prim- Elle Fanning
    and more..

  168. Marie

    Hey, I know who you mean, cara (comment #67)! Yeah I reckon, Gloria would be perfect. She has the eyes of the girl on the cover. You’d just have to straighten her hair. I agree with Abigail Breslin as Prim.

  169. Marissa

    I think we should have brand knew, fresh to big screen fame people. I want to see rookies on screen, maby some people who havnt been on screen before but not all cast though.

  170. Tess

    Oh My Gosh! I think that everybody in this except Amy looks the wrong age! I think of The characters as people in mi life, which doesnt help much, but i think Haymitch is more of a Jack Sparrow, and gale more of a Will Turner

  171. Rose.

    but how can anyone possibly portray the identity of katniss? shes so individual, i would be very surprised if theres anyone in the world like her. and of course, girls are gonna be pulling each others hair out for the role of katniss. shoudnt we just… leave the books alone? here we are debating, and saying how we dont want to change hunger games, but what with all these suggestions, thats exactly what we are doing. i think the author should cast it herself if there is a movie, i mean after all, she is the one who had it all in her head in the first place. she knows katniss best, and when the auditions come round, shes gotta be there ajudicating, because she is the only one who can find the real katniss.

  172. harriet

    yeah, you lot are all pretty much right, but i think ellen page looks too old to be Katniss, i think the actress should still have a look of being naive about her. I agree totally with your choice for johnny depp, he would be perfect for the role! But to be honest, i think unknown actors would be the best choice, and i expect there is someone out there who is perfect for the role of Katniss, i think it would spoil the whole movie if they put the glitz and glamour of hollywood in the hunger games. just think : hollywood + hunger games = a complete disaster. can you imagine how it would ruin the mood and suspense of hunger games? i loved the book, its amazing!when are the auditions? haha, bring on the unknowns!!

  173. clare

    i dunno about kristen stewart for katniss. i can’t put my finger on it, but she’s just not what i imagined. neither is skandar for gale. i think rosamund pike should be effie

  174. cara

    I have this friend who i see as Katniss. She’s so gorgeous, but would never admit it. Her name’s Gloria and she just looks so right. She’s also a really good actor and is fiery, like Kat.

  175. Sammy

    I disagree with a couple of these choices. I think Ellen Page has too much of a soft look, and Katniss needs to be more hardcore. For Effie, I would have chosen someone more…stoutly? (Rosie O’Donnell?) However, I agree about the rest. For Gale, I would choose Avan Jogia, maybe.

  176. Hannah

    i think your casting opnions were very nice. but as for Ellen Page, if she was to play katniss, she would have to have much longer hair and be a couple years older. Ellen still looks like a twelve year old. there are still many other options out there for her. I wasnt really feeling the choice for peeta. it seams like Ben would not be such a great actor in a action flim such as this. Philip Seymour Hoffman seams a little to old to play Haymitch. Haymitch is in his late forties. not early 60′s here. haha. Amy would be and exelant choice for Effie. put a pink wig and preppy prefesional outfit on her and that will be just fine and dandy! I absolutly completly 100% agree with your choice for Cinna. Colin would be PEERRRRRFEEEECTTTTT!!!! thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us:) i really enjoyed reading them:)

  177. Ty

    Ben Barnes would be the perfect Gale. NO KRISTEN STWEART or CAMILLA BELLE for Katniss. Hunger Games and Twilight are completely different

  178. Ty

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman would be perfect for Haymitch, like wise with Benjamin McKenzie. I think Katniss needs to be played by an unknown. Ellen Page is an amazing actress, but she’s not the hunter you envision in the book. I think Cato should be played by Daniel Cudmore (X-Men;New Moon).

  179. Sarah

    Okay you guys, as I read the book I had the movie played out in my head. I do agree with people that the kids should be new actorss and the adults could be new or well known, but I SO do not agree with MOST of what you guys are casting these people as!
    Ellen Page is to sweet and old, Benjamin is way to old for Peeta as well, Collin Farell just doesn’t have the right look for Cinna in my opinion. I could see Effie as Amy, and I could see Philip as Haymitch. Those are really the only two I could see that works.
    In my opinion, Abigail Breslin would be great as Prim (she is the only girl that I would be fine with her being well-known), Kevin Zegers as Gale (although he’s a bit old but could pass), and Zooey Deschanel as Portia.
    Most of all, I hate the casting of Katniss and Peeta. They are just so NOT RIGHT!!!! It bothers me. Sorry if I’m being mean, but I am very strict about this!!!! Take my castings as a suggesion for some of the other people. Abigail and Kevin came from someone else by the way, not me, I’m just agreeing with them. Zooey came from me though.

  180. i am hunger

    Dude, they totally need a unknown to play katniss, just because she’s so hard edge and so strong, both mentally and physically, and even if u do look like the character, you have to have the chops to play them, if you know what i mean. I have auditioned for a few movies for some hardcore people (i.e. Stephanie Edgley, Skulduggery Pleasant) and its really hard to put on that hard, dark sort of feeling and also give an edge of innocence. I didn’t make it, but if there is a movie coming out, you’ll be sure I’ll be there auditioning for katniss.

  181. Aria

    I loved that book! The casting is good but I pictured Peeta differently. Ellen Page is a wonderful actress too. Haymitch and Effie are perfect! Gale ia one of my favorites any Ideas for him? The movie should be great unless they ruin it likr they did Twilight. Hopefullly it will be much better the book was I know.

  182. Randy

    ok ive summed it up and here’s what i think
    Katniss-Ellen Page
    Prim-Abigail Breslin
    everdeen mom-Saffron Burrows
    Peeta-Benjamin McKenzie
    Effie-Amy Poehler
    Haymitch-Johnny Depp
    Cinna-Kevin Zegers
    madge-Amy adams
    President snow-James Whitmore
    avox girl-Jamie Hogue
    cato-sebastian stan
    rue-Ashlyn Sanchez
    any others

  183. Phoenix

    I agree with Noora: Comment #24, but i would still watch the movie just because it was a great book, even if the casting is bad.

  184. mari

    Don’t you think Haley Williams would be a good Katniss? idk my but i always imagined her (minus the orange hair) and i don’t like the suggestion of Ellen Paige. but i really like the idea of Johnny Depp for haymich. he would be amazing. & i agreemunknowns would be the best for the young ones

  185. linzy

    um no! ellen page has too much of a circular face and she just doesnt go! i want to be katniss way bad!! lol

  186. Lirabelle

    The cast would need to be teenage actors. They can’t use people who are too grown up or the movie will seem like something like Twilight(which stinks in my opinion). I loved the book and I hope that Hollywood doesn’t totally screw it up like they do for most book-movies.

  187. Rachel

    So far I really like the ideas for the adults, but i think most of the kid choices have been chosen by actors who are too old i.e. Ben Mckenzie
    Coz most of them are 20+ but Katniss etc are only 15

  188. Victoria

    Deffenatly the girl from stick it 4 katniss cause she can act so serious without laughting. for rue or prim dakota fanning

  189. mads

    Ceasar: Dustin Hoffman
    Prim: Ariel Winter
    Glimmer: Molly Quinn
    Cato: Jeremy Sumpter
    Clove: Dakota Fanning
    Peeta: Alex Pettyfer, Jeremy Sumpter
    Thresh: Taylor Lautner
    Haymitch: Hugh Laurie
    Katniss: Emily Browning, Kristin Stewart
    Cinna: Colin Farrel
    Effie: Julie Hagerty
    Foxface: Bonnie Wright
    i dont think older people are gonna do well in this movie i think from the ages 12-21 are as old as actors playing the tributes should be
    hehe (:im exited

  190. Kriss

    i think someone younger should play peeta and katniss. so that the actual ages ar used (katniss – 16) i really dont like benjamin as Peeta. I think of Peeta as very dark hair and more muscular on his arms, and extremely cut, not hot, cute. like the guy who lived down the street from you :] i really hope they dont make the movie rated R!

  191. Ally

    Hmm I’m excited for the movie!
    My choices would be :
    katniss : Camilla Belle/Kristen Stewart
    Peeta : Alexander Ludwig or Alex Pettyfer
    Haymitch : Jack Nicholson
    and that’s all i can think of (:

  192. Ezra

    i agree ellen looks too innocent shes not… raw enough to be katniss I really do hope this is turned into a movie though. Can someone tell me why everyone compares hunger games to twilight?

  193. Charlie

    I agree with all of them except Ellen Page as Katniss. I don’t Ellen can pull off the scared and fighting aspect of the book and movie. I was thinking maybe Kristen Stewart as Katniss. I know she’s a twilihgt actress but she’s shown she can be scared and loving and fighting and caring. So she would be good for this movie. And, NO! KEVIN JONAS WILL NOT RUIN THIS MOVIE!! HE CAN’T ACT!!

  194. Ali

    An unknown cast would be the only way to go about doing this as a movie. Once you start adding known faces into it it takes away from the depth of the book. Perhaps one or two of the tributes could be known actors/actresses but I think it’d be a perfect story line with unknown faces. It gives it the more of the future-esk that the book describes.

  195. ashley

    I think peeta should be -alex petyfer…look him up i think he’s perfect!!!
    and for some reason i see jack nickleson as haymitch..lol

  196. Sophie

    What about Kristen Stuart as Katniss?
    Alex Pettyfer as Peeta?
    The girl from Atonement and City of Ember (I don’t know her name but she is a great actress) as Foxface.
    Agree with whoever it was that said Gale should be Skander Keynes. Totally!

  197. Blackjack

    Here’s my casting
    Katniss-Camilla Belle
    Peeta-Kevin Zegers
    Haymitch- Johnny Depp
    Cinna- Orlando Bloom
    The President- Bill Nighy
    Primrose- Madison Pettis
    Mom- Lisa Edelstein
    Gale- Rollo Weeks
    Glimmer-Alexis Dziena
    Effie- Jennifer Morrison

  198. Adurey

    just for Katniss and Peeta. Me and this guy at my school. He reminds me of peeta and i call him that and he calls me Katniss, and we even look and act like the characters. I’m not braging or trying to get the part or anything but i don’t think famous kids should be in it like so many other movies. Like in the JONAS t.v. show they cast known actresses as the co-stars. they should have picked un-known girls to play opposite the jonas brothers like in the suite life on deck. Just saying, we get that they need jobs but just because thay have worked with disney before, doesn’t mean they can’t cast newcomers. I love the hunger games! please make it into a movie!

  199. Bailey

    I really love the choice for Peeta. Ben is so amazingly gorgeous.
    i was thinking of someone like Emily Browning for Katniss. But Emily seems a little too soft. But someone around her features would be on the spot.
    I really hope they make a movie. The movie would be amazing.

  200. anonomousss

    i think missy peregrym could do katniss very well but she is my second choice.
    my first choice issss….frieda pinto…i think she would play the part AMAZINGLY!
    i think simon baker would be great i know hws a little old but idk thats just who i pictured in my head but i think that for the movie maybe william mosely would be pretty good.
    hugh laurie would be excellent. no questions asked.
    i think that johnny depp would be good but idk hes a lil old. probably an unknown for this.
    julie hagerty would do this great. (the mom from shes the man)
    idk ive just been playing around with some of these charecters…tell me what you think!!!

  201. sara

    Here Is my idea of a casting list for the Hunger Games:
    Katniss-Anna Popplewell (she’s really good with a bow and arrow)
    Peeta- William Mosely
    Prim-Georgie Henly
    ( IK im doing a lot of narnia characters but i think they would do well with the part)
    Haymitch-Hugh Laurie(you have to admit. he would play the role well)
    Thresh-Kellan Lutz (Strong)(Emmet Cullen)
    Effie-Netalia Tena (Plays Tonks in Harry Potter)
    And thats all i have so far.

  202. Janelle

    I always imagined Ed Speeler as Peeta
    Id say most likely because I read Brisingr right before Hunger games, But to me he’s quite close to perfection
    dunno about Ellen Page
    she doesnt have the Katniss look to me

  203. chrissy

    this is who i think should be cast (obviously):
    Katniss-Camilla Bell
    Peeta- Dustin Milligan
    Gale- agree w/ Kevin Zegers
    Effie- Miranda Richardson
    thats all i got so far but ellen page is too short and has a full face for Katniss, camilla bell is tall and lean and dark complected like the book describes

  204. tweetz

    i’d love it if they turned it into a movie, but on who should be cast, i think that you should prob look at younger ppl, because if it gets turned into a film, it’ll prob be made in a couple of years meaning that the cast should be around 14/15 now for the parts of katniss and peeta

  205. umber

    I know he’s too old now, but my stupid brain put the image of Christian Bale in my head for Gale (a young Christian Bale, pre-batman… I have a thing for both Christian and Gale, ehe). And Jack Nicholson for Haymitch, absolutely (if you really want someone younger you could get a dirty-looking Gerard Butler). I love Ellen Page for Katniss; she’d be great. Peeta could be played by the guy who played Peter Pevensie in the Narnia movies. The lady who played Professor Umbridge in HP could do Effie.

  206. JAZZ

    I think your picks are great. But if you use Ellen Page, I think Cinna and Peeta need to be played by someone a tad younger. I have no idea who but that’s just my opinion. Can’t wait for the sequel in September!

  207. Deborah

    They should really make a movie out of the book. IT’s one of the best of it’s genre that I’ve ever read.
    This is who i want for katniss
    Katniss: Zooey Deschanel

  208. abby

    katniss- freida pinto
    peeta – simon baker
    haymitch- hugh laurie or johnny depp
    effie- julie hagerty
    foxface- bonnie wright
    cinna- maybe colin farrel
    glitter or shimmer (i forget her name)- laura ramsey

  209. Eve

    i think sebastian stan would be perfect for cato:] i wish the woman from x-men who played jean grey was younger…cuz then she would be PERFECT for fox face. i don’t think that ellen page would be good cuz she doesnt look like the type that can be leathal and survive in someonthing like the hunger games. i think unknowns would be good for younger characters, and johnny depp for haymitch

  210. Sara

    I don’t really care who plays the parts, as long as they play them well (if there will be a movie of course). But honestly, I think most of the suggestions here are pretty bad. I do agree with whoever said that adults should be played by well-known actors, while the teens/children should probably be relative unknowns.

  211. Noora

    i think Katniss should be someoneelse i mean really and effie shouldnt be played by amy (sorry) she is just to funny for it

  212. jinx

    im not boasting or anything but for casts nd stuff i would really like to be katniss. Lots of my friends have read the book nd think i look and act like katniss. i am looking for a feature in acting and it would be great if there was a movie nd i was picked for katniss! I would just be ,like,wow.

  213. Nicky

    I thnk itd be best if people who werent
    famous were cast as
    the younger characters
    cause the whole intense/mood
    thing could be spoilt so
    easily if youre like
    ‘i know her, she was in whatever’
    but for adults like haymitch
    and things celebs would be ok,
    i think.
    but recreating the movie would
    be hard,
    cause the book is so amaze!

  214. Liana

    i just want to add some more actors i thought of
    how about…:
    Cato – sebastian stan
    Foxface- agnes Bruckner
    Katnis’s mother- sienna guillory

  215. Marc

    Man the actors you’ve selecte are the best! I really like the book and i’m a frenchie :p (i read it in english)…im gonna be sad if they dont make it a movie…cauz i find it soooo good! But who knows…if they don’t make one…maybe ill make it myself later when ill be older!
    Good choice…and i think if we all unite we can make the book a movie!

  216. Sarah

    I think that kevin zegers would be an amazing gale and Benjamin Mckenzie is an amazing choice for peeta… for Katniss I think the girl who was the main character in Stick It

  217. A M

    Ellen Page, as well as most actresses who I have heard suggested, look too “soft” for Katniss, going on physical looks alone. I agree with cinnamonsugar, relative unknowns are probably the best way to go.

  218. Natalie

    Okay. So if I could cast it, I think that the woman who played Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter 5 would make a fantastic Effie Trinket. Yes. Jason Dolley wouldn’t make an awful Peeta, but Peeta is supposed to be somewhat stocky. Hmm. Katniss is a hard role to portray. Many actresses would be much too bubbly and giggly. HAYMITCH:THE GUY WHO PLAYS WAYLON in twilight. OHYES. perfect. his name is NED BELLAMMY. Gale should be played by the guy who played Prince Caspian. But maybe a little more scruffy.

  219. cinnamonsugar

    I think unknowns too. Ellen Page is too old and not nearly as…I don’t know, Katniss-y as an unknown would be.

  220. Liana

    when i read the book
    these were the actors i first thought of:
    peeta – Max Thieriot
    katniss- ellen page
    cinna- mario lopez
    gale- Kevin Zegers
    haymitch-Lee Reherman
    i hope you read this because i think this is the perfect cast

  221. Molly

    The book sounds really interesting. I’ll see if it’s at my libray.
    Is the author the same Suzanne Collins who wrote the Underland Chronicles? That was a really good series and I’ve been hoping it will be a movie soon. Mabye you could cast that movie, too!

  222. Ann

    The hunger games was an amazing book! i also saw it like a movie when i read, i think as long as they stuck to the plot, it would be a great one. i like your choice of characters. yes, suzanne collins also wrote the underland chronicles, and the hunger games sequel, “catching fire”, is coming out september 2009. the book was entrancing, enthralling, and kept me up all night long until i finished. it is a must read, even for those who don’t like science fiction.

  223. domonique

    hey! i think you casted it great! every actor i was like WOW this does look like them! lol their images in my head were blurry but now they acutally fit together! when i saw that you picked elln page i freaked! she toally goes!. thx soooooooo much your genous

  224. Mary

    i would love it if they casted mostly unknowns for the younger parts. however, big name stars would be ideal for the adult parts, pulling more viewers in. any thoughts on who could play gale?? i seemed to fall in love with him in the book although he’s not featured much :)

  225. alexis (hunger games freak)

    here’s my casting
    Katniss-Amanda Bynes,Lady Gaga,or Ali Lohan
    Petta-Agree with you
    Haymitch-Jhonny Deph
    Effie-Jenifer Anisonor Amanda Bynes
    Gale-Joe or Nick Jonas
    Cinna-Kevin Jonas

  226. fireonice1292

    omg i can totally see amy as effie…….i like the way you think!
    i can totally see them all….but i think Ellen page looks too….innocent? i dont know…..i think an unknown would have to play katniss