October 11, 2008

Perfect Hunger Games Movie Cast

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Hungergames The minute I opened The Hunger Games (for ages 12 and up), I started seeing the story in my head. Suzanne Collins uses very evocative language, and a lot of her scenes are structured like movies. Between that and the plot — which practically begs to be turned into a big feature film — I think it’s not too early to start thinking about who should play whom in the movie. Here are my picks:

Katniss Everdeen – Ellen Page
You know Ellen from Juno (rated PG-13), in which she proved her acting chops and demonstrated that she definitely has enough personality to take on Katniss’s strong character.

Peeta Mellark – Benjamin McKenzie
We haven’t seen much of Ben since The OC ended, but he’s perfect for this role. He somehow still looks like a teenager, he’s got the quiet brooding act down pat, and he’s built enough to work as the strong baker’s son.

Haymitch Abernathy – Philip Seymour Hoffman
I’m a little biased here, since PSH is one of my all-time favorite actors, but I do think he’s an objectively great choice. Haymitch is a pretty complicated character, requiring an actor who’s up to the challenge. Plus, he looks the part (at least as I pictured Haymitch).

Effie Trinket – Amy Poehler
This probably isn’t fair to Amy since she’s a hilarious comedian and probably a really nice person. But when I think of Effie, I think loud, obnoxious, overly chipper, and Ms. Poehler has played a bunch of characters just like that. For example, in Mean Girls (rated PG-13), and the voice of a Chipette in Alvin and the Chipmunks (rated PG). Sorry, Amy!

Cinna – Colin Farrell
I have no good justification for this one except that Cinna is awesome and so is Colin Farrell.

What do you think? How’d I do casting the inevitable Hunger Games movie? Let me know your picks in the comments!

— Jack, STACKS Intern

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  1. Sara

    I don’t really care who plays the parts, as long as they play them well (if there will be a movie of course). But honestly, I think most of the suggestions here are pretty bad. I do agree with whoever said that adults should be played by well-known actors, while the teens/children should probably be relative unknowns.

  2. Noora

    i think Katniss should be someoneelse i mean really and effie shouldnt be played by amy (sorry) she is just to funny for it

  3. jinx

    im not boasting or anything but for casts nd stuff i would really like to be katniss. Lots of my friends have read the book nd think i look and act like katniss. i am looking for a feature in acting and it would be great if there was a movie nd i was picked for katniss! I would just be ,like,wow.

  4. Nicky

    I thnk itd be best if people who werent
    famous were cast as
    the younger characters
    cause the whole intense/mood
    thing could be spoilt so
    easily if youre like
    ‘i know her, she was in whatever’
    but for adults like haymitch
    and things celebs would be ok,
    i think.
    but recreating the movie would
    be hard,
    cause the book is so amaze!

  5. Liana

    i just want to add some more actors i thought of
    how about…:
    Cato – sebastian stan
    Foxface- agnes Bruckner
    Katnis’s mother- sienna guillory

  6. Marc

    Man the actors you’ve selecte are the best! I really like the book and i’m a frenchie :p (i read it in english)…im gonna be sad if they dont make it a movie…cauz i find it soooo good! But who knows…if they don’t make one…maybe ill make it myself later when ill be older!
    Good choice…and i think if we all unite we can make the book a movie!

  7. Sarah

    I think that kevin zegers would be an amazing gale and Benjamin Mckenzie is an amazing choice for peeta… for Katniss I think the girl who was the main character in Stick It

  8. A M

    Ellen Page, as well as most actresses who I have heard suggested, look too “soft” for Katniss, going on physical looks alone. I agree with cinnamonsugar, relative unknowns are probably the best way to go.

  9. Natalie

    Okay. So if I could cast it, I think that the woman who played Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter 5 would make a fantastic Effie Trinket. Yes. Jason Dolley wouldn’t make an awful Peeta, but Peeta is supposed to be somewhat stocky. Hmm. Katniss is a hard role to portray. Many actresses would be much too bubbly and giggly. HAYMITCH:THE GUY WHO PLAYS WAYLON in twilight. OHYES. perfect. his name is NED BELLAMMY. Gale should be played by the guy who played Prince Caspian. But maybe a little more scruffy.

  10. cinnamonsugar

    I think unknowns too. Ellen Page is too old and not nearly as…I don’t know, Katniss-y as an unknown would be.

  11. Liana

    when i read the book
    these were the actors i first thought of:
    peeta – Max Thieriot
    katniss- ellen page
    cinna- mario lopez
    gale- Kevin Zegers
    haymitch-Lee Reherman
    i hope you read this because i think this is the perfect cast

  12. Molly

    The book sounds really interesting. I’ll see if it’s at my libray.
    Is the author the same Suzanne Collins who wrote the Underland Chronicles? That was a really good series and I’ve been hoping it will be a movie soon. Mabye you could cast that movie, too!

  13. Ann

    The hunger games was an amazing book! i also saw it like a movie when i read, i think as long as they stuck to the plot, it would be a great one. i like your choice of characters. yes, suzanne collins also wrote the underland chronicles, and the hunger games sequel, “catching fire”, is coming out september 2009. the book was entrancing, enthralling, and kept me up all night long until i finished. it is a must read, even for those who don’t like science fiction.

  14. domonique

    hey! i think you casted it great! every actor i was like WOW this does look like them! lol their images in my head were blurry but now they acutally fit together! when i saw that you picked elln page i freaked! she toally goes!. thx soooooooo much your genous

  15. Mary

    i would love it if they casted mostly unknowns for the younger parts. however, big name stars would be ideal for the adult parts, pulling more viewers in. any thoughts on who could play gale?? i seemed to fall in love with him in the book although he’s not featured much :)

  16. alexis (hunger games freak)

    here’s my casting
    Katniss-Amanda Bynes,Lady Gaga,or Ali Lohan
    Petta-Agree with you
    Haymitch-Jhonny Deph
    Effie-Jenifer Anisonor Amanda Bynes
    Gale-Joe or Nick Jonas
    Cinna-Kevin Jonas

  17. fireonice1292

    omg i can totally see amy as effie…….i like the way you think!
    i can totally see them all….but i think Ellen page looks too….innocent? i dont know…..i think an unknown would have to play katniss