October 6, 2008

Goosebumps HorrorLand – The Video Game!

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October is finally here and things are starting to get scary and exciting! For over a year, we at Scholastic Interactive have been working on the Goosebumps HorrorLand Video Game, and in a few short weeks, it will be released. But before it gets into the hands of gamers, we wanted to provide dedicated Splotters with exclusive insight into the game.

When the game producers conceived of the game, they decided that the story behind this HorrorLand amusement park should center around its reopening by a group of Horrors, led by a Horror magician named Horrifico. Horrors, as some of you may know from the Goosebumps books, are the green monsters with curled horns that staff HorrorLand (more on them in next week’s blog entry). The Horrors want to build a brand new HorrorLand — bigger and scarier than the original. Without the limitations of human management, the Horrors can create a park that would scare kids again and again (no humans would ever let that happen!). Most importantly, the Horrors want a park that invites kids in but never lets them out. In an effort to attract kids to the park, the Horrors will invite thousands of kids to the park — and this is where the game begins . . . with YOUR invitation to the Grand Opening of HorrorLand!

Like any theme park, HorrorLand is filled with rides and games — all with Goosebumps twists! One game is the Batting Cage, which is like home-run derby, but instead of hitting baseballs you swing at flying bats, the squealing kind! Get it — “Batting” Cage. (Click on the image on the left for a closer look!)

There are rides too, like Calamity Canyon, a rickety roller coaster through an abandoned mine. (Check it out, on the right.) The ride is falling apart and you literally ride for your life, ducking from falling beams and dodging boulders on the track. There are 30 games in HorrorLand — all with cool names like Bumper Carnage, Garlic Crusher, Swamp Stomp, Brain Drain, and Mummy Run. It was fun helping the game producers come up with names. Before the team decided on Calamity Canyon, other name possibilities were Rickety Railroad and Screamer Steamer. I think the best name won out of that bunch!

HorrorLand is a big park with five uniquely themed areas: Carnival of Screams, Vampire Village, Fever Swamp, Mad Labs, and Terror Tombs. You need Frights to unlock these park areas and you can earn them by playing the games.

Beyond the rides and games, what’s really neat about the video game is that it puts you in the driver’s seat of your own Goosebumps adventure with a unique story that unfolds as you play through the game. As you make your way through the park, you’ll meet a little girl named Gigi who has been trapped in the park by the Horrors. Gigi will help you find the pieces of your HorrorLand ticket – the key to escaping the park. She’s eager to leave the park too, and as you play, you’ll find out why.

— Amabel, Scholastic Interactive Staffer

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  1. abel33

    goosebumps book are the best and i think i’m good at goosebumps. R.L.Stine is the best writter i know. If i didn’t know about goosebumps books then i don’t know what i would read

  2. ian

    omg i got the game at christmas time and im half way there im in teror tombs and i whant to win it already but my fav is mad labs