October 19, 2008

The Good Neighbors by Holly Black

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Which graphic novel has the potential to be produced into a blockbuster film? Well, since talks have already been made for Kazu Kibushi’s graphic adventure series, Amulet, I vote that next up should be The Good Neighbors, a graphic novel series for teens written by Holly Black and illustrated by Ted Naifeh. Holly Black’s best-selling series The Spiderwick Chronicles proved to be a hit on the big screen, so I say . . . make The Good Neighbors into a movie!

Here’s who I would cast as the Good Neighbors characters:

Rue Silver
1st choice:
Natalie Portman – She is a well-established actress with the ability to perform great dramatic scenes.

2nd choice:
Alexis Bledel – I loved her in Gilmore Girls, and she has the right look, but may be too innocent to play Rue.

Thaddeus Silver
Harrison Ford – He’s a legendary actor and the original Han Solo. Oh yeah, not to mention perfect for the role of Rue’s father.

Nia Silver
1st choice:
Cate Blanchet – Not only is she beautiful, but she’s already played a mystical being in Lord of the Rings.

2nd choice:
Michelle Pfeiffer – She has barely aged throughout the years! That suits a faerie quite well in my book.

Amanda Valia
Angela Bassett – Winner of multiple awards, including one Oscar nomination . . . The Good Neighbors would be lucky to have Ms. Bassett in its film version.

Johnny Depp – Do I even need a reason to cast him?

1st choice:
Zac Effron – He’s one of the “IT” boys at the moment! Tam may be a little out of character for this normally pretty boy, but I think he’d be up for the challenge.

2nd choice:
Shia LaBeouf – Transformers, Eagle Eye, and the latest Indiana Jones film . . . Nope, not tired of him yet.

Dale Rice
1st choice:
Taylor Lautner – He’s in the upcoming highly anticipated movie Twilight as Jacob Black, so better snatch up this up-and-coming actor before his schedule is too busy.

2nd choice:
Drake Bell – This guy already has the cool factor down, and I’m betting he can pull off dark and mysterious too.

Justin Smythe
Jonah Hill – One of the funniest young actors to make me laugh in a while . . . He’s got the part! Plus, who wouldn’t want to be his best friend?

Lucy Chan
This one’s a tie:

Zhang Ziyi – In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, she wowed audiences with her amazing martial arts and acting skills, and I’m betting she’d make an awesome friend. Not only does she have the look, but she can kick butt too.

Jamie Chung – Speaking of another girl who can kick butt, how about Jamie Chung of Samurai Girl? Casting this part will be difficult!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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