September 6, 2008

Share & Swap Books!

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A lot of my friends love to read, but one especially (let’s call her “M”) likes almost exactly the same kind of books I love to read. M is my book-swapping buddy — whenever I go visit her, we usually trade 2–3 books, along with our reviews. Sometimes the books traded are never read, but they have definitely traveled around America!

So, here are some of my PROS & CONS on sharing books:

1. I spend less money buying new books.
2. A few less trips to the library, a few more trips to visit a friend!
3. Each book comes with a friend’s review, which always helps.
4. Something MORE to talk about — in case we run out of steam on boys, movies, TV, and everything else!

1. When I REAALLLLY want to re-read a book all of sudden, it’s  . . . potentially 5,000+ miles away.
2. Brandi asked to borrow one of my books, which I unfortunately forgot that M had — so I turned my room upside looking for it before I realized I no longer owned it. Now my room looks like a tornado hit it. (But to be honest, it’s like that all the time . . . 0_o)

So, the PROS clearly outweigh the CONS. What book have to shared with a friend lately? Any you would recommend to me?

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

  1. bankshot#5

    I urge you to read Pendragon by DJ Machale.It is a delightful series.I am sorry if it is to boyish for you,but try and read it.Although it is a childrens book I find that it actually has mature and complicated topics.Please try and read it.When you do tell me.Above I see that someone mentioned The Lightning Thief.I would also like for you to pick up that series.Although,you should have told us youre preference for reading.Oh and about the main topic,I do trade books,but I find that there are a few more cons than listed above….
    Love Is The Water Of Life,Drink Deeply.

  2. G

    The Jack Sparrow series, Emily Windsnap series, In the Land of Elyon series, and Royal Pain are ALL good books.

  3. Dustfinger

    Most of my friends hate reading – they say it’s boring and a waste of time. But I do have one friend who lives in my neighbourhood, and I walk to her house all the time and we borrow books from each other. The great thing is that we both love the same books, fantasy, stuff like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Inkheart, and Warriors, so we never run out of things to talk about!
    But, I don’t really have to borrow books from her. Yes, she lives really close, but I also live even closer to the library. So I have two really quick sources to get books from! Three, actually, if I wanna buy a book, because I can also walk to my local bookstore which is only a five minute walk away.
    Recently I lent my friend The Lightning Thief, and she liked it so much so I bought her the other three books in the series as a gift! We buy each other books alot – she recently got me two Warriors books!

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