September 8, 2008

Movie Trailer Review: IGOR

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In the world of Malaria (that name can’t be good for tourism . . . ), mad scientists and their monsters run rampant, and “Igors” are their lowly, hunchbacked assistants. An Igor’s duties are to pull switches on command, meekly obey their masters, and apparently get slapped a lot. Poor things! Our main character, Igor (Were his parents just lazy when they named him?), decides he wants more than his “Yes Master’s degree” (hee hee. get it?), and he sets out to win the annual Evil Science Fair.

A few reasons why I’ll go see this movie:

  • I LOL’ed after hearing, “Pull the switch . . . ch . . . ch . . . ch . . . “
  • Igor’s sidekicks:
Scamper, a surly grumpy roadkill cat that was brought back to life. Brain, one of Igor’s first inventions, but obviously not the most successful . . .
  • What Igor’s “Greatest Invention of All Time” is! (It can’t be better than sliced bread, can it?)
  • Crazy inventions! Bringing stitched-up corpses to life with electricity! Mad scientists! You know, every day things that are part of our humdrum lives.

Igor comes to theaters on September 19th, and I’m definitely planning to check it out. Does the trailer pique anyone else’s interest?

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

  1. Katie

    I admit, I can’t wait to see Igor, the same goes for my sister! It looks like it would be funny and hey, mad scientists can’t have all the fun!
    Power to the Igors!

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