September 28, 2008

Lisa Yee Has a Popular Peepy!

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Did you know that not only is Lisa Yee the author of Millicent Min, Girl Genius, Stanford Wong Flunks Big-time, and So Totally Emily Ebers – all related, in case you were wondering – she's also a rabid blogger?

And the star of her blog is a little stuffed bunny Peep named "Peepy" — who gets his picture taken with all the celebrities/authors Yee bumps into on her travels. (In fact, here is Peepy hanging out with some Scholastic folks at the International Reading Association conference over the summer. And check out the photo below which we took at the conference during our video interview with Lisa!)


Peepy is also known to take trips while Lisa works. Here, Peepy tries to sneak onto the set of the new Eddie Murphy movie. Too bad he went undiscovered . . .

—Jessica, Staffer

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