September 15, 2008

Harry Potter Cover to Cover Day Approaches!

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Hey, Splotters!

Yesterday was an exciting day for any Harry Potter fanatic at the Scholastic headquarters. Yesterday, J. K. Rowling's throne arrived in preparation for Harry Potter Cover to Cover Day!

In case you've forgotten, on September 23rd there's going to be a Harry Potter read-a-thon to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. People in New York will be able to sit in J. K. Rowling's chair to read a passage from the book. And people everywhere will be able to join in the celebration by watching a live webcast right here on THE STACKS. You can see all the details in my previous post.

Being a gigantic Harry Potter fan myself, I checked on the throne's progress all day long. Take a look at my slideshow for a behind-the-scene's view!

— Carly H. STACKS Staffer

Cover to Cover Day Set Up

  1. Ramz

    I seee you’ve saved a seat for me, Tell the guest to druel all over a Potters Collectable on it for me. “-p)

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