September 12, 2008

Devouring The 39 Clues

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As you can guess from all our previous entries on the topic, there’s been a lot going on around here for the release of The 39 Clues!

Author Rick Riordan appeared on The Today Show and came to the Scholastic offices for a Q&A session with employees. The 39 Clues commercial premiered on TV, with a total reach of more than 15 million potential Cahills. And pretty much everyone was running around like crazy (although I think some folks were just pretending to work while actually on the hunt for some of the clues — not that Scholastic employees are eligible to win anything, boo hoo).

But today marks the end of a whirlwind launch week. Now it’s time to get back to business as usual — practicing spells with Harry Potter and playing fetch with Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Yeah, right!

Don’t get me wrong — there’s always something new and exciting happening at Scholastic, but it’s not every day that we all get together and rally around a big release like this one for The 39 Clues. This week was really exhilarating, and I’m so glad that I got to be a part of it!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer