September 9, 2008

High School Musical: Get in the Picture

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All_In_This_TogetherI don’t like to admit it, but it’s true — I am a reality show addict. And if said reality show involves singing and dancing? I am THERE.

That’s why, despite being ten long years out of high school, I can’t get enough of High School Musical: Get in the Picture, the reality show where high schoolers from across the country sing, dance, and act their way into a commercial that will air during HSM 3, in theaters this fall.

Warning! Spoilers ahead — skip this post if you haven’t yet seen the finale of High School Musical: Get in the Picture.

I resisted the pull of HSM for a long time. “It’s not for me,” I told myself. “I should be watching ‘adult’ shows.” But then as I pulled out a battered copy of my favorite Baby-sitters Club book one rainy
afternoon, I realized that quite a lot of my favorite forms of entertainment don’t qualify as ‘adult.’ So why not give it a chance?

Well, I became a convert. What’s not to like? The songs are catchy. The colors are bright, all pinks and purples and blues that pop on screen. The students are people I knew in high school — the athletes, the drama club members, the debate captains. Sure, they’re simplified versions of those things (and none of us fall neatly into one category the way HSM makes it seem), but they’re likeable and relatable.

So when I saw commercials for HSM: Get in the Picture, I knew I’d be watching. Each week, the competitors are grouped up and assigned a song to perform. Obviously, the teens need to be able to sing, but they also need to be able to dance and act. Based on their weekly performances,
some contestants move into the chorus, leaving others to continue competing for the lead role.

And after months of work, dozens of routines, many costume changes, and not enough screen time for host Nick Lachey, it all came down to last night’s final performances.

The top four — Christina, Stan, Tierney, and Isaiah — performed a medley of past HSM songs; then almost immediately the judges narrowed the finalists down to three, sending Christina to the chorus. After individual performances — with each of the remaining three rocking their routines! — it was time to say goodbye again, this time to Isaiah.

That left Tierney and Stan. Now, I’ve been on Team Tierney since the beginning, but Stan really shone last night. They performed a new song called “Just Getting Started,” and the judges called them “electrifying.” I agreed — I could easily see either Tierney or Stan in the spotlight.

Finally, with just seconds left in the show, Nick Lachey read the final cast list. The newest member of the HSM family is . . . STAN!!! Confetti rained down, and the remaining competitors streamed the stage to congratulate him.

While I’m sad High School Musical: Get in the Picture is over, I know the HSM phenomenon will continue — in fact, we’re just mere months away from the theatrical release of part 3.  But until then, let’s talk about Stan. Do you think the right high schooler won?

— Morgan, Scholastic Staffer