September 18, 2008

3 Questions for Jamie Kelly

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0439629047_2I’d love to meet Jamie Kelly, whose secret journal has been published as the Dear Dumb Diary series (just don’t tell her that!). Jamie seems hilarious and I think we’d have a fun time together, so instead of asking her questions, I’d want to spend time actually hanging out. But I did come up with three requests to ask of Jamie if we could plan to meet up:

1. Please give me a make-over. (I’m dying to see how my hair would turn out!)

2. Let’s go out dancing!

3. Rate me on your popularity-o-meter! (Hopefully, I wouldn’t fall under Isabella’s metric system of Dorkology.)

What would YOU ask Jamie if you got the chance?

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

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  1. randomness184

    i also am a vegatarian that doesnt like the fact that animals are killed for their meat it doesnt seem right to me

  2. randomness184

    heyyyy peeps im new to this site but i have read most of the dear dumb diary books i love the series and i also love the harry potter and Uglies series

  3. stephanie

    hey jim! my name is stephanie. i absolutely love your books!! i read them everyday all day! please dont ever stop writing the dear dumb diaries! i would be sad:( thanks for writing them! good luck with everything bye!

  4. kaykay112

    hey this is kaykay112, i’ve never read your books but my friends luv them so i plan to!
    keep up the good work jim!!

  5. maria

    hi. i am your biggest fan ever when i frist touched the book i know that i would like it because i saw your name. i love all the books that you have written they are alsome. i have read every singel book u have ever written. i can’t wait til the other dear dumb diary books come out. i love the main chactor she is also i never knew that the dairy was jamies. she is so alsome. i love u and the would because of the dear dumb diary books are here on earth.

  6. maria

    i love the dear dumb diary searys they are so good i hope i will be able to meet u one day you are a allsome writer i hope u will continue to write them i am your biggest fan

  7. Amanda

    i can not wait until dear dumb diary 10 ,11 and 12 come they are going to be so good i can not wait to read them!!!

  8. Amanda

    i am getting the 8 pack of dear dumb diary books from the arrow book club “i have never read one ” but i know that they will be brilliant !

  9. Alyssa

    I love these books i just ordered all of them out of my school’s book order so i’ll have all of them!! except the Our Dumb Diary: A Journal to Share but i am definitley working on that!!!! :) ~keep writing them Jim~

  10. jamie

    hello my name is jamie too! i love reading dear dumb diary! there really fun! i wish there would be more dear dumb diary books!! bye

  11. Jodelyn

    I am reading Dear Dumb Diary, #7. I love this book! When I started reading it, I feel like I’m Jamie Kelly