September 25, 2008

Character Confidential: 3 Questions for Edward Cullen

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Twilight series_10975215I just finished reading Twilight, (for ages 12 and up) the first book in the vampire series from Stephenie Meyer, and wow! What a read! I know the whole world has been talking about Bella and Edward for a while now, but considering I didn’t catch on to Harry Potter until Book 4 was released, it’s no surprise that I’m just hopping on the Twilight train now. Am I glad I did!

The voice of the Bella is clear and insightful and had me hooked from the beginning. But since we readers are always inside her head, I want to know more about Edward, the vegetarian vampire who falls in love with her and saves her life (more than once!).

If I could ask Edward three questions, here’s what they would be:

  1. You were turned into a vampire almost 100 years ago. What do you remember about your human life, and do you miss it?
  2. Consider what would have happened to you if you had lived as a human instead of becoming a vampire. What would you have wanted to be, do, or see in your life?
  3. As a vampire, you have a lot of cool abilities that humans don’t. What’s your favorite “vampire talent”?

Most of you probably know much more about the saga of Bella and Edward than I do, so how do YOU think Edward would answer these questions? And what would you like to ask him?

— Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

  1. p w c

    i realy likes twiligh movie but first i want a bigger movie likes the actory teritorial of twilight movie.. love me.

  2. bubbles

    i think that edward aka:robert pattinson is so hot , ive read all the books 3 times im on my fourth, yep. but he is totally famous now (:

  3. Lianna

    Personally I think the movie Isn’t as good as the book but still the Twilight movie is In my top 5 favs. And Edward in the movie, TOTALLY HOT!!!!!!!

  4. Rachel

    I now own twilight. i haven’t read it but i plan to. what is it about and is it good. i will share my opinion about edward once i read it.

  5. Katie

    I admit when it comes to the Twilight series I felt that while it did have alot of potential, there was a certain… flatness to everything. The characters personalities, there were grains of hope but they were …
    Well I was underwelmed.
    It became just another human falling for a mythological creature. Not that I have anything against it really, I am a Beauty and the Beast fan since I could read, it just seemed.. trite.
    Bella seemed too sparkly and happy and just… I mean she seemed to be one of the worst things a writer can create (unless you want to laugh) and that is a ‘Mary Sue’.

  6. Caroline

    Ok Edward would NOT walk away. No he would stare alnkly at you (if that is possible with his “incredible” vampire eyes) and then once you were getting uncomfertable say somthing super sarcastic and THEN he would walk(“glide”) away. While reading them I was hooked but they definetly had this look on life like ohhh “normal” girl falls for hot guy and ladiy da holy he’s a vamp! Sorta… I don’t know. Cheesey. I know some people thought that way too. And my question for Edward whould be…. (plug your ears for this….
    WHY DID YOU STAY IN FORKS!???!!! I DON”T CARE IF YOU LOVED HER YOU WERE GONNA KIlL HER AND IT”S A BAD CHOICE!!!! And i think he would have a hard time just “gliding” away from that. You can probably figure that i think Jake is a better choice.
    Just for my friend Mel
    “She’s not a Unicorn anymore! She’s a Giraffe” and that’s our personal Twighlight joke.

  7. iloveEdward

    I love Edward & Id love to be Bella! I wish it was real!
    I dont know what he would say but i would ask him if we could say at each others sides forever.
    of corse he would say “of corse, forever”

  8. BeccaMonkey987

    I don’t know about 1 and 2, but to 3 the answer is probably “My mind-reading talent is my favorite, at least in battle. I can tell what people are thinking and plotting before they attack. I also love my speed. I have always loved feeling the wind through my hair.”

  9. Raven

    He would probably say mind-reading for the third one. I would probably be more interested in asking Jacob some questions. He’s my favourite character. =)

  10. AuthorGirl6

    Hey, Stephanie Meyer, why don’t you try writing a GOOD book for a change? I was so disappointed with the Twilight series I nearly burned the books!

  11. Jane

    Hi, Morgan!
    I read Twilight as well. I think Edward would…probably snort and walk away or answer them with sarcastic or “intelligent” answers.
    I would ask him a ton of things! Actually, I can’t think of any now. But, I probably would if he was real and if I saw him. :)
    - Jane, Babysitters Club Lover, Warriors Lover and Twilight Lover

  12. breanna

    i think u guys r crazy edwared would not say that i bet he would answer ur question and u would be satisfied with his answer

  13. bella fan

    I love Twilight too. I got my whole town reading it. I can’t wait until the movie comes out. I am like 100 pages away from finishing book 2.
    Jane, you are probably right. Edward would roll his eyes and walk away. I would love to meet Edward and Bella. I think Stephenie Meyer is brilliant. Twilight lover -A.M.L.

  14. Morgan

    AuthorGirl6, I’ve heard a lot of readers express the same frustration. What disappointed you? I didn’t think Meyer’s writing was outstanding, but I was still pretty captivated by the plotline.

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