August 3, 2008

The Next Harry Potter?

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If two years ago someone would have told me there would be another craze similar to the Harry Potter frenzy, I would have said, “Yeah, right! That will never happen!”

Well, I may have been wrong! After reading the hit vampire series Twilight (for ages 12 and up) I had a wake-up call! This book and movie are already generating tons of buzz. I realized that the publishing world may have another hit on its hands.

WHY — you ask? Other than the millions of copies the series has already sold and the gatherings of teenage girls that have devoutly followed each and every detail to a tee, the book has also generated an older crowd of fans. Interesting, huh? I’ve even found websites selling Twilight-inspired t-shirts and jewelry.

So, let’s compare the two!

Book and then Movie – True for both
Wizards vs. Vampires – Both mystical topics
Cedric Diggory vs. Edward Cullen – Both played by the same actor: Robert Pattinson
Love interests & romantic aspects – True for both
J.K. Rowling vs. Stephenie Meyer – Both mothers
Harry vs. Edward – Both are played by amazing actors in the movie
Products based off of the books – Both have them
Crazed fans! – Um . . . YEAH!!!

Looks like the similarities are there! Now let’s just wait and see if Twilight can even come close to Potter-mania.

What do you think? Will Twilight be the next Harry Potter, or not even come close?

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. AutoreD

    No. Nothing could ever replace Harry Potter. Yes, Twilight is a great book and yes it has a huge group of fans. The only place where the “New Harry Potter” fails is the army of enemies. Trust me. Either people love it, or people hate it. I don’t know why people could hate such an amazing book, but people never hated Harry Potter. Also, Harry Potter is more gender/age-friendly. Most boys don’t care much for the whole romantic vampire idea and it can get a little much for younger readers. So….No. Harry Potter is Harry Potter. Twilight is Twilight. Harry Potter will always be Harry Potter. The end.
    “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask why not.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

  2. Krystle

    omg i luv twilight!!!!!1 so excited for the movie I LOVE EDWARD im
    riting a fanfic with him and hanna montna
    <3 kaylie dallas tx

  3. Pia

    Yeah, Twilight’s pretty good. Not slow at all, it has a fast storyline.
    Harry Potter was great. But Twilight’s not going to be as crazy as
    Harry Potter, pinky-swear.

  4. Rita

    Isn’t it a grown up book? It talks about a lady that falls in love with
    a vampire. But the vampire knows he will have to drink her blood
    anyway. If anyone can tell me where to get the book I will be most

  5. Emmafan911

    I think Harry Potter will still be the biggest book craze in the world
    but Twilight will be closely behing. It’s just ’cause Twilight’s aa bit
    more for older kids where as Harry Potter is for all ages. =]
    As for me, I’m starting to get over HP (Shock!) and I think Twilight
    beats Harry Potter for me.

  6. Ariel

    Ha ha. It won’t even come close. Yeah, it’s creating a lot of buzz, but
    it’s going to die down in a month or so. There is no way that the world
    will go as crazy over Twilight as Harry Potter. Twilight is a dramatic
    series which may be fun to read when you’ve got nothing else to do.
    Harry Potter is great literature to last a lifetime.

  7. tunagirl

    No, Harry Potter will always be Harry Potter. I’ve read twilight and
    it’s completely different. Harry Potter is in a completely different
    league, it’ll never come close.

  8. Tom

    Whats so great about this book? I don’t get it. Im not trying to be
    mean — i really don’t get why everyone likes it. Someone tell me

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