August 15, 2008

Book-Based Movies Starring . . . Me

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The top five book-based movies I’d want to star in:

5. The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman
Yes, I know there already is a movie and Dakota Blue Richards was actually a really good Lyra. But the movie ending was totally different from the book ending, and that was a big problem for me! I think they should remake the movie with the correct (i.e. book) ending, and this time I get to play Lyra. Although, it might be interesting to play Mrs. Coulter too. . .

4. Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley
Because I have always wanted to be a princess in an enchanted castle. And a movie version of this book would totally bring it to life!

3. East by Edith Pattou
East is like a combination of The Golden Compass and Beauty, so in this movie I would get to be a princess in an enchanted castle AND ride cross country on the back of a talking polar bear.

2. Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by R. L. LaFevers
Theodosia is my new favorite female character. She is kind of like an old-fashioned Hermione Granger if she lived with Muggles her whole life, and her best friend was Indiana Jones instead of Harry Potter. Theo’s parents are archaeologists and bring back cursed amulets and stuff from Egypt, but only Theo can tell they are cursed. Of course, they don’t listen to her so she has to deal with the black magic all by herself. She ends up having some pretty awesome adventures. . . . which I would have no problem translating on the big screen!

1. Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pierson
This movie would be so cool to star in, kind of like a combination of Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan. I would get to fly, swim with mermaids, talk to dolphins, be chased by pirates, and captured by cannibals (ok maybe that part wouldn’t be so cool). And if I could make a suggestion to the Casting Director . . . Johnny Depp would be great as the pirate Black Stache!

If you could see your name in lights, what book adaptation would YOU want to star in?

— Sonja, Editor

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  1. Sydney

    Ok, this is 2 cool, ’cause i’m actually an actress. Ok, so I haven’t even landed a small role in even a comercial and I haven’t even tried out for anything yet (Why do all the audtions seem to be far away from where I live?). But, anyways, I would LUV to play:
    Molly Aster, in Peter and the starcatchers. Ok, so my eyes are hazel and her’s are supposed to be green, but they can change that on the computer.
    Sadie Kane, in Rick Riordan’s new book, The Red Pyramid. So, her eyes are blue and again, mine are hazel, but as I said before, they can change that on the computer.
    Jnae Penderwick, in Jeanne Birdsall’s series, The Penderwicks. Ok, so this would be harder for me to pull off, because I’m really good at dramatic things and really emotional things, and The Penderwicks is not really either of things.
    Savannah, in Gordan Korman’s Swindle.
    I could go on and on, but if I list all the parts I could play in the movie version of the book, I would be here almost litrually, forever.
    Oh, what, I forgot one, Artemis in the Percy Jackson and the Olympains series, boook 3, The Titans Curse.
    all right, i had better stop now before I go overboard.

  2. Elen

    1. Tris from the Circle of Magic series. There’s no way I could not pull that role off, except in appearance. (I’ve even got the glare-over-the-glasses look down pat.)
    2. Holly Short from Artemis Fowl. ‘Cause she rocks. Except that I’d never get that role. Ever.
    3. Soraya from the Farsala Trilogy. Gawd, she’s epic. (It’s rather be Kavi, but I’m a girl.)
    Although, I’m working on turning Sandry’s Book into a movie script. It’ll probably be a few years, with all the homework I’ve got. :)

  3. Miranda

    1. The Old Willis Place by Mary Downning Hahn- Diana
    2. Hitty, Her First Hundred Years- Clara ( Hitty’s Third Owner)
    3. The Crossroads and its sequal, The Haning Hill by Chris Grabbenstien ( I don’t think I spelled his last name correctly)- Zack

  4. Emma

    1: Dovesery Balitong from Trickster’s Choice, and Trickster’s Queen, I really like Dove, becuse she is quiet, and hears so much, even though she’s not the main character.
    2: Marigold from Once upon a marigold.
    3: Addie from The Two Princess of Bammare.
    4: Tris or Sandry from the Circle of Magic, the Circle Opens, and the Circle Reforged.
    5: Petra from Chasing Vermmeer

  5. Veronica

    In the final version of the “Golden Compass” movie, it is totally different from the book, but in the theatrical trailer, some scenes they show at the end suggest that they originally had a book-faithful ending for the movie. My thoughts are that they didn’t finish it in time, and had to cut the scenes, or maybe they were hoping for a sequel to start off with a big bang. But none of my friends have both read the series and seen the movie, so I don’t really have any other opinions on this.

  6. Carri

    1. Sandry in Sandry’s Book.Whitch would mean i’d have to be in the next eight movies but… i love sandry. She has thread magic and looks like me and has this total no noncence im-a-noble-i;ll-call-on-it-if-need-be-but-otherwise-ill-be-normal feeling about her that i love
    2. i’d also love to be Sourtny Chewtide in the Pendragon books she comes in more in the ;ater books and i just love her charactor
    3. Polly in the Magitions Nephew
    4.Dovey Coe in Dovey Coe because she is so totaly village girl who speaks her mind and gets in trouble for it even though she could never ever do the unspeakable crime they blame her for and it would be fun to finally use my mountain twang for good
    5. Leisil Meminger because she is awsome