August 29, 2008

Best Scenes in the Twilight Series

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Twilight I’m convinced Stephenie Meyer is some kind of evil genius. I picked up Twilight (for ages 12 and up) last month after all the buzz about the movie started coming out and didn’t stop reading until I finished the four-book series. I couldn’t put them down! And now, I find myself re-reading my favorite scenes.

Here are my top five faves:

NOTE: To keep from ruining the books for those not sucked in yet (Get it? Sucked in. Vampire books! Ha!) I’ll leave out which book each scene is from. The fans will know what I’m talking about (wink wink!). But if you really don’t want to know anything, then stay away. In other words, SPOILER ALERT!

5. When Bella passes out in Biology class and Edward carries her (sigh!) to the nurse’s office, joking about avenging her death at the hands of Mike “The Puppy” Newton.

4. When Edward returns to Forks and Bella can’t quite believe it. In her hysteria she’s convinced she’s either dead or having a really vivid nightmare.

3. When Bella learns to drive a motorcycle, mostly to hear that velvet voice scolding her in her head. It’s the first break of levity in a really depressing part of the book. And not even a head wound will stop her from trying again.

2. When Jacob kisses Bella and she punches him, breaking her own hand, then acts like a 4-year-old as she is driven off to see Dr. Cullen. Charlie has a few funny lines in this one (“Good for you, kid.”).

1. The (finally!) metamorphosis — because it was gross, scary, a little funny, and — of course terribly romantic. Three days of pain to spend forever with Edward? Where do I sign up?

I know, I missed a lot (Hello! The prom?! Esme’s Island, etc.) but, HEY, I could only list five. Tell me your faves in the comments.

— Jessica, Staffer

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  1. Kayla

    I loved the books! They were romantic, funny, adventurous, love-filled, drama-filled books and I would read them over and over again! I’m reccomending to everyone! Their great!

  2. Dustfinger

    One of my all-time favourite scenes was in Eclipse, when the Cullen family and the werewolves were fighting the newborns, and Bella, Edward and Jacob were in the tent. I loved the conversation that when on in between Jacob and Edward, and when after when Jacob and Bella kissed and Bella realizes that she’s in love with Bella too. =]

  3. Lioness-keladry

    5. When she and Edward argue, its funny
    4. In the meadow
    3. When Edward thinks she’s dead and runs off to join her in heaven
    2. when he saves her from James
    1. When he freaks out when Jasper wants to eat her.
    But really, I like Jasper best. He rocks!

  4. Rachel

    I’m pretty sure the only character ever referred to as a “pup” is Jacob.
    Bella punches him, breaks her hand and Edward comes to take her to Carlisle. Jacob says “May the best man win.” and Edward says “That sounds about right…pup.”

  5. Vampire Anime Nerd

    Y’know there is a 5th book coming out or somthing, i don’t know maybe a rumor.. anyway. i’m only done the first and half of the second book. i don’t really mind spoilers but it’s fine with me (man this keyboard is really wierd and is ticking me off) but i think i liked -so far-
    1. all the times that Edward Saved Bella’s life.
    2. taking pictures in the living room
    3. the perfect circular field (xD)
    4. riding the motorcycles
    5. (humm….) Charlies awesomeness (lawl)

  6. Tiffany

    Yeah, but these books were intended for teens. For teens, the book wasn’t really inappropriate. I love the books and I haven’t anything wrong with them.