August 24, 2008

Harry Potter Hippie Van!

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Img_2866I'm on vacation in California at the moment, and yesterday I wandered over to the beach in Santa Barbara. While riding along in this awesome dual-person-bike-cart-thingy (they are much harder to ride than they look!), I came across this old-school hippie named One Feather, with a crazy decorated van.

The hippie told me he was all about the world coming together as "one" in peace. His van was decorated with all this cool stuff, and what caught my eye was that he gave OUR BOY, HARRY POTTER top props on his van!


Isn't that great? I bet when that van goes 10 mph* on the highway, (Miniature Plastic) Harry Potter really feels like he's flying.

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

*yes, that's rather slow for a car, but we wouldn't want Harry and everything else to fly off, right?

Check out some more of my photos of the hippie van!


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