August 13, 2008

Lois Duncan Scary Books

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Scare Yourself Silly

You stay up reading because you can’t put down your book. Page after page the twists get twistier and the tension builds until you find yourself saying things like “oh no” and “yikes” right out loud. Was that you? Yes, yes it was. You turn the final page and lay there, eyes wide open, because the story has you seriously freaked. Such is a night spent reading a scary novel by Lois Duncan.

Titles like Stranger With My Face and Don’t Look Behind You give a hint of the creepy plots behind them. Visit the exclusive boarding school in Down a Dark Hallway and prepare for major chills down your spine (that’s the title that inspired my own sleepless night!). You may be familiar with I Know What You Did Last Summer from the movie of the same name, but really, I encourage you to try the book. With a movie, you can always turn away and cover your eyes. But with a book, nothing’s more scary than the pictures that spring up in your own mind.

What book scared you most? Where were you when you read it? And what after effects did it have on you? (Couldn’t face the shower for a week? Weird paranoia about wild mushrooms? Pledge never to make small talk with your train seatmate again?)

— Amy, Editor

  1. Desirae

    i thought it was a good book. The beging was kinda weird but after the first chapter I loved it and thought it was a supper cute book and I would like to read more.
    sincerely desirae

  2. Jessica

    Dear Mrs,Duncan
    I have recently read News for dogs. I loved this book alot. I have already read your book Hotel For Dogs. I hate reading alot, but once i read Holel For Dogs i have to read News for dogs now i must read movie for dogs. I thought this book was super cute. I love how you tell so much about the story. Once i read the first chapter i had to keep reading. Thank you for writting such a wonderful book!
    Sincerely, Jessica
    P.S thank you for writting a wonderful awesome book!

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