August 25, 2008

A Movie That Never Says Die

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This summer, I watched an adventure comedy about good guys and bad guys in a dangerous race to reach a mystical secret spot hidden for years. No, it wasn't Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, the blockbuster of the season. It was a special showing of The Goonies, a favorite family film from the '80s, when I was a kid!

I remember really loving the movie the first time around, but before re-watching it, I didn't recall a lot of the details. Not so for a good number of people in the audience, who hooted, cheered, and yelled out the dialogue along with the characters. Not to mention the insane applause that erupted when the final credits rolled. Everyone was smiling at the end of the film — both old fogies like me, as well as kids seeing the movie for the first time.

And it's no wonder, given the story. Who could resist? Long-buried pirate treasure. A family of escaped convicts up to no good. A band of kids desperate to save their houses from being demolished to make way for a golf course. A lot of laughs. And even a little romance. Yeah, The Goonies can be cheesy at times, but that's part of what makes it so fun! Perfect for a final summer movie night!

If for no other reason, rent the DVD just to see Sean Astin of LOTR fame starring as the asthmatic misfit hero, Mikey. Yeah, this movie is THAT old . . . But still awesome!

Check out the original trailer.

Already seen The Goonies? Leave me a comment with YOUR movie review! Or tell everyone if there's a different old movie that you love. What do YOU recommend as a good end-of-summer flick?

— Karen, STACKS Staffer