October 25, 2016

10 Things Only Athletes Understand

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Basketball. Soccer. Dance. Swimming. Tennis. Hockey. Baseball. Karate. Running. Lacrosse. Gymnastics. What’s your sport? Or maybe you just love exercise and fitness in general. Well then this one’s for you. On your mark. Get Set. Go!

10 Things Only Athletes Understand

10. Your dad forgot to wash your uniform and your game is in 10 minutes.
9. Your friends are on the OTHER team.
8. How gross your socks smell after a game. We’re talking bad. Really bad.
7. You are EXHAUSTED after practice!
6. That feeling when you first see your new uniform. With your number. And your name. Glorious.
5. Pre-game superstitions.
4. You still want to go to practice the day after you fracture your wrist.
3. Your best friend wants a playdate, but you can’t because you have practice.
2. Losing sometimes. Ughh!
1. Even if you lose, you still LOVE your sport and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Let us know your sport or sports, and the problems you battle – in the Comments below!

- Ratha

  1. energeticsoftball22

    i can totally understand cause at school for PE we had teams and it was boys my friend and i on a team.The boys also love to brag and tease you.

  2. energeticsoftball22

    I have almost all of the problems cause I do gymnastics running soccer softball so yeah i can understand

  3. Deja

    all of the problems.
    i do dance, gymnastics, cheer, football, baseball (softball), soccer, and track (running)


    i play soccer as a sport . and you know when you are the only girl on your team.And the boys on your team are good but really mean about it. You have to deal with them for 2 months.It is the worst ever

  5. singingspicy6

    I play basketball. It can get really competitive on school teams. I also ALWAYS seem to get paired up with defending the really tall, rough, and competive people on the other team. Then there’s the jamming of fingers. That hurts REALLY bad. I even burst into tears when that happens.

  6. Awesome_236

    I understand numbers 10,9,8,7,6,5,2, and 1, because they’ve happened to me sooo many times!!!

  7. puppygirl61

    On today’s blog post (the 1 about having something super large), I totally agree with people who elected for extra large feet for running. I would soooooooooooooooooooooooooo not want an extra large nose because some smells are too unpleasant and I don’t wanna smell em.

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