Stage #14

This scene made the cut and now has been named! Check out all the creative and fun titles for this Allie Finkle stage scene!


This stage was created by:
Tatum, 10, GA

57 Play Titles for “Stage #14

  1. MissNoieCyrus(:

    adorable! how about…….
    “Dinner’s on Me” or “Allie’s All-American Diner” or “Hungry in the Theatre” ?????? howz about it?

  2. chloepuppy8

    Ha. I just became a member. These crack me up! I’m glad you’re all so kind. Except, cut the cheese is a little bit-revoulting. I think dinner girl is cute, too!

  3. beyoncegirl1798

    Hi Allie its beyoncegirl again.You know how I said,”best play ever writen”and not a play name?Thats because I couldnt think of one.But now I got the perfect one!It should be called,diet time for Allie,P.S. by using fibre.Catch ya later! beyoncegirl

  4. 2Miranda4Cosgrove6

    Cool play Allie.Cheif’s are cool.I love “Name that play.” Although, I love “virtraul Pet.” Bye!

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